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  1. I recon it is call of duty zombies live because just after the screenshot there is a 1 second clip of what looks like a real life nova6 zombie. It is live as in film mabye? Call of duty zombies live - The film?
  2. Looks like it turns zombies into normal men is suits? Thoughts??? :ugeek:
  3. I now have a screen shot of what the new wondergun does... Again dont know how to put pictures up so heres a link- http://s1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff5 ... Wonder.png
  4. So lets discuss the new vonder veapon... Tlooks EPIC - I dont know how to put a picture in so go here... http://s1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff5 ... VONDER.png :twisted:
  5. Me and my mates were playing ascension the other day and i was tank. I was just killing a rap train as you do when tank said "I think Nikoia is hiding something under all that vodka" It was something like that anyway... So mabye Nikoia has a much bigger part to the story than we thought ? Thought and please no Flaming :D
  6. Then maybe this is why Rick has a new outfit. Since he's a scientist, he might have made a 115 resistant outfit? Also, if you guys remember the old zombie trailers, we were getting lots of zombies with a bit of MP now lots of Mp with a bit of zombies What I think is on the 27 we might get a second trailer with more info cause this one is kinda...empty STILL.EPIC
  7. [quote="flamecommando36 Is Nikolai`s hand zombified?He has a beard btw." Sometimes when tank goes down he says "Am i turning now?" So mabye some of they do slowly turn, who knows?
  8. Mabye people are after the Dr so he had to change his look ? Beast new avatar :P
  9. It looks to me like the map is a cross between the constrodom(fail spelling) and a launch place. LOOKS.f*KING.EPIC Discuss O.o
  10. This: ygyAoBhHL2E I also got a 5 man :D
  11. It could be. Would be cool if it was. But I think that the zombie storyline may take place after the main campaign. The GKNOVA6 website shows the place completely abandoned apart from the person whose eyes you are seeing the screen from. Maybe something happens at the end of the game, causing the outbreak to happen, and your tied up, left in the room you have been tortured/interrogated in. That's just my thoughts on the SP/zombies connection thing. Nice theory BRAINS [brains]
  12. Does this mean zombies is gonna be in single player?
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