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  1. Yeah, it seems that the box has different odds based on if it's moved or not and where it moved to. There's way too many locations and stuff to do 200 draws on every single one, so I'm just gonna leave this as it is.
  2. Yeah, I think the box needs to move before the ray gun appears since the box never moved during my 200 draws (I admit I used a mod to do that)
  3. After a very long and boring playthrough, I have calculated the odds of drawing each weapon from the mystery box. This is based off of 200 draws in a row from the mystery box without it moving from it's original location. I won't be doing any other tests since each box spot has different odds as well as the number of times it's moved. Der Riese Appearing in order of most to least common Monkey Bombs: 12.5% Type 100: 8% WunderWaffe DG-2: 7.5% FG-42: 7% MP40: 6.5% BAR: 6.5% Trench Gun: 5.5% PPSH-41: 4.5% M1 Garand: 4% Molotov: 4% Kar98K: 4% Thompson: 3.5% PTRS-41: 3.5% Flamethrower: 3.5% M1A1 Carbine: 3% STG-44: 3% MG42: 2.5% Browning: 2.5% Panzershrek: 2% Double Barrel Shotgun: 1.5% Raygun: 0% Yep, out of 200 draws in a row, the raygun didn't even appear once.
  4. I was thinking of making some custom pc maps for nazi zombiesm but I need to know how difficult it is to make one. The first one I was thinking of doing was an altered der riese so I wouldn't be starting from scratch.
  5. I used the link in your sig max, but it says it pasword protected. What's the password?
  6. I hate how I can't really contribute anything since I'm never around when things happen. I think my timezone makes it hard for me to be on when updates and stuff come out. I will remain a dove, but I won't be of much aid to anyone unfortunately.
  7. If the clock has stopped, we just need some new batteries! Sorry, I couldn't resist making a joke about it.
  8. I'm glad there's a new topic, the old one was way too long and filled with spammers.
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