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  1. i know for sure that the ppsh41 and the mp40 will be returning. heard it in some guys video, i will post the link as soon as i find his video again
  2. world at war is still a great game and i would love waw 2. i would love to see a new game engine for world at war 2 and pherhaps some new weapons. also a thing i would like is a complete new zombie experience. pherhaps one similar to left 4 dead where you have go through a lvl. but with features from call of duty like buying doors and weapons
  3. i like the idea of making your own zombie map, but there also be alot of crap made by people then
  4. i rather have world at war 2 with the whole ww2 vibe and pherhaps some more details about the life of reznov and roebuck. and wath i would like to see is how the zombie killers came together. pherhaps a normal mission who ends in the zombie game. also i would like to see is a german campaign, i really would like to kill some sovjets in the name of the reich!!
  5. yes, the update wont change anything in the code. we just need a skilled hacker, i guess he would got the code in less then 15 minutes. so if any of you guys got a mate who knows how to hack(And is a good one) then ask him if he can crack the code
  6. oh didnt know this was a mod for pc, but it would be freaking awesome if they made this for the console versions. think the whole tunnel system and outside the map would be pretty awesome
  7. my idea is that there would be another building you have to reach. were there is some kind of power source. they could put doubel tap in the tunnels, quick revive just in the main building upstairs. and jug and speedcola in the other building. i think the tunnel system would be pretty awesome with all kind of diffrent traps. some you can activate withouth and some with power
  8. still i dont think treyarch didnt put a lot of effort in the code. it must be somewere in the gamefiles. just let some guy who got the knowledge of how things work decode it
  9. hey you guys, why dont we go find some hacker who is really good. the only thing we have to do is presuade him to hack black ops(best for pc) and let him just decode the code. there are plenty of hackers in the world, there is even a yearly event of hackers. so why dont we go in search for a hacker instead of wasting our time on guessing. and i guess it even wouldnt be that hard of a password. so lets find ourself a good hacker :D
  10. i guess that would be nice, pherhaps you can open some sort of basement so you can go downstairs, japanees did use a lot of tunnels so this would match. you would go deeper and deaper and eventually you go up and up until you reach outside. and then you could be going into a building(of course perks are in the tunnels and the PaP in the other building). think this would be really nice, to explore something really deep. just let me know wath you guys think
  11. Nacht de untoten is just a classic map. i really liked it on world at war, but the thing is its such a small map. thing i would like to see is that that the could expand it in some kind of way. pherhaps they could make a door out of the building so that you can go outside a bit like SNN. you can walk outside and possible activate some kind of traps, japanees traps such as pits or such. and that you also can enter another building, also big like der riese pherhaps and of course with a teleporter to PaP and perks. i think this would be a really nice addition to Nacht der Untoten just let me know wath you guys think :D
  12. i said pherhaps 3 maps for 800 micrsoft points, 1200 i dont know. i am just saying alot of nazi zombie players rather have 3 great nazi zombie maps then 1 zombie map and 4 multiplayer maps.
  13. i personally think the best thing to do is to separte map packs, one with zombies and one with multiplayer maps. this will have benefits for us, we dont have to play the multiplayer maps. but also for treyarch themself by seperating zombies and multiplayer they can make double profit. also more people will be attracted to zombies because it just isnt one map, pherhaps even 3 or so. and can pherhaps make a whole new team of nazi zombie killers :D
  14. hi you guys, the thing is i really would like to see some new characters. nikolai,dempsey,takeo and richtoften are nice but i think it would be really nice if they would keep it fresh. i would really like to get characters from waw for example play as sergeant reznov and sergeant roebuck. they other characters would be just like now in zombies a german guy and a japanees guy. from this comes the idea of making WaW 2. i loved Waw2 all the weapons and just the whole game WaW. in WaW 2 my idea was to have 4 campaigns -American -Russian -Japanees -German The Amercian campagne could be for example you playing as private roebuck(this plays before waw). you are just a young soldier fighting his way to berlin, we could have pretty awesome maps like for example D-Day The Russian campagne could just focus on really the fighting in stalinggrad(you play as sergeant reznov) The japanees campagne could be about conquering islands such as pelulie(Unkown character) And the german campagine would be the greatest. it could be just the whole fighting against the russians and de defending from the americans.(Unkown character) these four main characters could then fight against zombie hordes. world war 2 style zombies just the old weapons like The Bar and of course the ppsh. the zombies would be a great aspect of the game(standard 3 maps + other zombie maps with the other characters) aswell as the co-up in campaign with pherhaps a little team deathmatches in multiplayer. and for every dcl they could add another 3 zombie maps and let say 2 multiplayer maps i think this would be a great game, seeing world war 2 violence with beter graphics. and just the zombies an co-up campaign we all like. this wouldnt be just some call of duty but a whole other call of duty who just attracts people like us, real zombie fans just let me know wath you guys think about this
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