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  1. Now i know it hasn't been confirmed yet but I have heard rumors that those monkeys in the Ascension trailer are able to steel your perks. Now if its like the pentagon theif and if you kill the one that stole it you get your perk back it wouldn't be too bad but the fact remains that these things could be so annoying if they do so. Honestly i dont think its a good idea because im a perks-first man and loosing my perks on a really early level because i dont have anything really powerful to kill them with would be the dumbest thing to ever happen to zombies. Thats just my opnion but i want to know, what to you guys think of the new perk stealing monkeys?
  2. Gt- StEz ZombieBane anyone can add me. i really need better zombie player
  3. i went to the projector room and i had no idea what was going on so i looked out the window and chucked a nade it exploded and i was teleported to a room which looked like a little girls room full of teady bears and then teleported back
  4. idk if any other people heard this but about the time that Modern Warefare 2 was about to come out, people were talking about the posiblility of a nazi zombies-like game mode about aliens was going to be included. now we all know that didnt happen but what i think is that this new dead ops/cosmic silverback thing is treyarch listening to the people and adding some sort of alien based game mode to COD:BO. Please post opions.
  5. ok maxis is not the one i am talking about. there is a radio stuck in the rung of a ladder in der riese where a guy starts off where the man in shi no numa left off and u hear him ask where r my pills then he hangs himself and u hear warning the shield is now active over and over and people are screaming and zombies are howling. that is not doctor maxis
  6. idk any names but i think its the guy from the transmision in der riese (because he starts talking in der riese where he left off in shi no numa) that hangs himself and can be seen hanging from der riese.
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