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  1. if you play with friends it's addicting if alone. then not thats what i think
  2. Nothing can beat this P.a.P Lol (guessing) Akimbo G18's would call them Hellbringer
  3. carbon can you lock this thread as well ad for another site is here
  4. Yea the site should be calming down in a matter of days since gamescom is here
  5. Yea we stick as a group and make what we have so where is everyone
  6. Guys heres a really good idea of how to read the gknova0 messages with highlighting Copy and paste the screen to paint and whiten it
  7. send me the pass please and thank you AND also the link
  8. Fishy is carbon Vosty is Vosty Dunno the other 2 Prob different site mods i guess
  9. Just chill hes only one man trollin what more can he possibly do.. if he does bring mroe i'm sure carbon will do something about it
  10. yea the forums are in hell crisis mode right now and not much of the mods and carbon are doing anything
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