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  1. No worries. Like you I was trying to nail down the steps and we made the video so people would have proof and references for the sounds and what to do. There are a few different ways to accomplish the same goal. We are all in this together! Keep it up and I will do the same! Cheers!
  2. I see that you said it is a tutorial, but some of your info is not EXACTLY correct. For example, you do not have to get kills with the Retriever before going to the bridge. You can do the entire process on the bridge. Also, simply completing a round on the bridge is not enough. It has to be round 10 or above. If playing co-op, EVERYONE must return to Alcatraz before throwing into the pit or you risk it glitching. My video demonstrates that the sound cues are key and was just a visual way to show the method that has worked for me and my friends 100% of the time after exhaustive experimentation. I am not trying to steal your thunder. I was merely trying to help. Sorry if I offended you.
  3. Here is a video guide for the Hell's Redeemer. I am not a professional YouTuber so be nice. This works every time. We did find that, in a co-op game, everyone must return to Alcatraz BEFORE anyone tries to throw into the pit. Turn annotations on if watching on PC. Also notice that the number of kills was different for each of us and we didn't get the end of round sound until round 10, as predicted. http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=plcp&v=W6T0HwyU_Po
  4. DB-Zen, good to know. We haven't had a problem getting the Retriever accepted since we nailed down our method, but it is always good to have alternate means if the game gets a little glitchy, as it is known to do. I will put your technique in my bag of tricks! Cheers!
  5. I posted this here http://community.callofduty.com/message ... #414458053 also. I have seen many theories as to how to get the Redeemer. My friends and I found that our way works every time. In the last 5, 3 player games, we have not failed to get everyone the Redeemer. Here is our method. Disclaimer: I know other people may have other theories, this is what works for us every time. We had a theory about the order in which we throw the Retriever into the pit being tied to the individual noise cues you here and sticking with that we proved to ourselves that this works every time. The other thing we discovered was that we never heard the "end of round" sound cue until round 10. We r usually at the bridge at round 6-7 depending on nukes. Steps: 1. We go to bridge and do all of it there. 30 kill requirement, we found, is not true. We start with player 1, white, and he is the only one to throw Retriever until we hear his sound cue. Then player 2, until the sound cue for him, then player 3. Sometimes this would come after only one throw for each person. Sometimes up to 30 kills. No specific kill number though. 2. Once we heard a sound cue for each player, in order, we proceed to kill with Retriever only until we hear the cue at the end of a round. This ALWAYS happens for us at round 10, when we begin on the bridge at round 6-7. 3. At round 11 or the round after getting the end of round sound cue, we save a zombie or 2 and return to Alcatraz. We go to the pit and throw the Retriever in, in order, Player 1, 2, etc... This works FOR US every time. 4. You know what to do after the pit takes your Retriever. Try it out, you might have better luck.
  6. I am similar to That Guy You Know. Buy M-16 on first pass through tunnel. I keep PaP'ed RPD in the fridge. Have to buy the box or wall gun initially to get RPD from fridge. Galvaknuckles are a must. I like getting EMP for zombie babysitting as long as someone has monkeys. Claymores come in handy. Jugg Stamin Up (substitute Tombstone here , not for Double Tap) Speed Cola Double Tap (must have) I run in the tunnel for ammo for M-16/Skullcrusher
  7. I am going to post this on a couple of different "ranking system" threads because there are multiple threads on this topic. DISCLAIMER: This is what worked for me and I give all credit to EverythingPiff and his YouTube videos. I am NOT a subscriber of his and I am not promoting his channel but I will post links to the vids that helped me. I admit I am a noob to posting links. I hope they work but copy and paste if not. Apologies. Tally marks and blue eyes are DEFINITELY from playing 5 days IN A ROW. www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6nb2taNQGE www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW191ZM9Hu0 www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNUdlw1c2Ac He does acknowledge that there may be other factors and ways to get the Shotgun emblem but he focuses on kills / downs ratio and that is what I'd did and it worked. I usually play at night before bed and I don't have time most nights to get into the mid 30's and higher because I have to sleep to get up for work. My team plays for a couple hours on Tranzit and we routinely get to round 25-30. My goal, as is everyone's, is to never go down, but it does happen obviously. My goal was to always finish playing with at least a 160 kill/down ratio. Slowly but surely I got my ratio to climb and 2 days ago I got my ratio to 165 and kept it climbing, now 170, and I got the shotgun emblem on the second day at 165. We never "finish" a game by going down when we decided we were going to bed. We ALWAYS quit. Quitting games had NO IMPACT on me getting my Shotgun emblem. I didn't get a huge amount of revives and my head shots are usually around 30% of my total kills. I focused strictly on kills/downs and it got me there. I played Grief and Survival a few times but always resulted in more downs, particularly in Grief, than I was willing to accept and so we stuck strictly with Tranzit. I want to be clear that I think it wis possible that getting to high rounds will possibly help and getting revives and being a "good player" will help, but for me kills/ downs got me there. Chumnation is my Xbox gamer tag if you want to play I am on most nights. Serious players only who like to play a "patient and methodical" zombies game please.
  8. Galvaknuckles are one hit kill to round 14 where the Bowie Knife is only to round 10. Galvaknuckles kill denizens intwo hit where Bowie Knife takes three. Galvaknuckles > Bowie Knife.
  9. Galvaknuckles are one hit kill to round 14 where the Bowie Knife is only to round 10. Galvaknuckles kill denizens intwo hit where Bowie Knife takes three. Galvaknuckles > Bowie Knife.
  10. I played a round of Nuketown with a friend and two randoms and one of the randoms, the host, quit at round 15. The host migrated to my xbox and we continued to play thinking that the leader board would reflect round 15 as our highest. We ended up going to round 31, where my friend quit, and the other random and I played round 32. The leader board shows my friend's high round of 31 and mine at 32. I understand that this might be unusual, but the leader boards can still update if someone quits. Also, the round is shown on the NTown 4 player even though we played the majority of the game with 3 people.
  11. http://community.callofduty.com/message ... #413767900
  12. Jinro, good point. Did not notice the symbol in the bottom middle of screen.
  13. Death, I agree and Spiderbite already pointed out the same thing. He is trolling a little bit by just giving a "preview" and teasing us to tune in on Dec 25th, which I admit I will check his page to see if / what he posts. It is very suspect that he didn't just post all of his findings but the video does show more than just simply a photoshopped picture of a DG-2. I guess we will know in 5 days if/when he posts more.
  14. Great map! You have one too many teleport locations. The one nearest the farm doesn't belong.
  15. This was posted on th activision forum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mAvfgcqPZQ I know it is most likely fake, but it would be nice if it isn't and get some questions answered. Can anyone give definitive proof that this is fake. There is a lighting effect right at the beginning of the video that looks legit. The gun itself is very bright. Also, only a single player and I can't see what round he is on. I also see the normal DG-2 reticle. None of these things prove it is a fake, but with all the trolling that normally goes on, this just seems like another, albeit more creative, form of troll. I am no video editing expert so I defer to those of you who are to look at this and comment. I am certainly smart enough to know that, with technology today, it is certainly possible to fake this. Thoughts?
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