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  1. Yea I agree. Just make sure to remove Second Chance. I hope combat training will be back in the next one. It was my way to warm up and get my accuracy on point before sniping. MW3 can be fun at times but me and my friends agree that Black Ops was better because it was more skill based and balanced. Even though Second chance was so annoying I put many hours into Black Ops. More hours than any other cod. BUT people were always talking about MW3 before it came out and said, "take all the bad and OP stuff out of MW2 and itll be the best" but then everyone kept hating on them and it was "Just like Mw2" and its "MW2.5." So 3arc will have to implement new additions to the series to keep people interested. But either way I have faith in Treyarch that their next game will be awesome. Black ops feels a lot smoother and more satisfying than MW3. Especially after wrecking kids with an L96 or stakeout
  2. Shot it with the wunderwaffe and nothing happened.tried again while my team mate shot me with upgraded vr11 And still nothing. It kinda looks like a tube amp. Kinda resembles tbe inner workings of a tube amp
  3. After listening to the radios, I heard richtofen say a few dates in his log entries such as Sept. 10, 1945. Some of those dates are marked on the calendars on Der Riese. They're circled on the cork boards and i think der riese also took place in '45 didn't it? May not reveal much bu just pointing this out.
  4. Yea man sounds like fun. You on xbox? If so send a request to mathyou5o9 and we can sqaud up. No zeros in my gamertag
  5. ok i got your app and i saw on the preview page there was a red bear poking its head up into view. how did you make that one? id like to do one like that but kinda modify it to be a panda. my current bo emblem is my codz avatar
  6. You can also start off dead ops while prone lol. Just keep tapping the prone button while loading. dont know how useful that would be bc i was crawling so slow and the only way to get out of it was to speed boost
  7. the rocket room was probably just a hint at the next zombie map. kino was supposed to for [email protected] MP4. im pretty sure they had black ops and five in progress so they gave us something to think about
  8. HAHAHA lol thats pretty cool that they do look some what alike haha back to the future is one of my alll time faves. he must think were all lybans!!
  9. hahahah daaamn that was funny lol
  10. yea ive been having problems too. sometimes one of our team mates get kicked right when we search for a game and other times it takes a while. we usually have someone else in the party send us an invite and then it works
  11. so has anyone cracked the code? or still workng on it??
  12. i would like to see some better spawn points, unlike mw2 whenever i spawn i am away from the battlefield.Also i would like to see akimbo too because who wouldn't wanna have a bad-a moment owning with akimbo machine pistols or hand guns.Some stuff i would not like to see are dogs, the dogs always ruin my plans of sniping, or flanking. Another thing is no choosing kill streaks so whenever someone gets a high kill streak in mw2 every one hides because it is too powerful! Everyone says bops would suck and everything because its not going to be like "modern warfare 2". sometimes i do not like mw2 because every one camps or they just own you with better guns like the spaz people can shoot 30 feet away and kill you. Me and my brother are so mad about weapon damage because we have a powerful weapon yet a cheap gun kills us. My final thing i have to talk about are the perks whenever i am playing and just noob tubing with danger close pro it wont kill them even if i hit right next to them. thank you for having the time to read my post.
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