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  1. Here is a vid of me looking at the achievement showing proof we got it. tut coming soon ZH61zjGd1aM
  2. Will you please join this chat to explain more in detail. http://tinychat.com/callofthedead
  3. I would love the job back. (kinda upset that this was put up since i have been willing to come back for like a month. )
  4. A reminder to the chat opening up.. Don't forget the rules we issued right before the chat went down. If you haven't read or dont remember please read this! viewtopic.php?f=42&t=1008
  5. I love how everyone thinks its going to be like mw2.
  6. Please don't post things that have already been locked.
  7. I will be going to gamestop today maybe i can get a little info ;)
  8. I donated $5 lol it would be more but i had to get school supplies
  9. no thats the mistake i made. if you put in the members tab, joining date, ascending, then go to the last page, DaveyGravyX07 is 999 member, and XbOx360PreDaToR is are 1000 member. i made that mistake aswell for some reason :? Hmm.. Maybe i was in the wrong. But when i was on and we had 1,000 members and the last person to join has him thats why i thought it was him.
  10. You all have made a mistake. DaveyGravyX07 is our 1,000 member. I have PM'd him. And he will be tweeted as our 1,000 member
  11. If you guys see this happening please report it. Thanks :)
  12. On the old site we were only a few away from 4,000 members
  13. Check comes thursday. Depending on how big it is i will donate :)
  14. I try to keep the playdates at a reasonable time for all. We have never ever started one at 10pm so i dont know where you are getting that at.
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