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  1. Sale! Free for a limited time! I know this application is terribly old, and not many still play black ops, but even if you don't I am sure you enjoyed making emblems and sharing them with your friends. Be sure to pick up the app while it is on sale for free to check it out. If you end up enjoying it, please think about leaving a review, that would be awesome. iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/emblem-t ... d412843648
  2. Emblem Tools for Black Ops v1.3 released! ftpzLcwD-EI Updates: New features: -Options menu (Cog wheel) -Duplicate layer feature (button next to layer title) -Remember last picker page option -Precision Arrows for Fine Tuning (options menu) scale/rotation -Precision Arrows for panning/movement (press and hold 'options Cog' to toggle) -Copy to clipboard feature in Save menu -About and How-To pages in options menu Fixes: -Many bug fixes -Performance increase
  3. Update released v1.2 Demo: JxgNU4Yu1Po Updates: NEW Precision Rotation/Scaling modes, new emblem picker, many bug fixes. Future update ideas: Search feature for emblem picker by name, emblem picker sorting by type/name/etc, more save slots, more saving/export options. Thanks for all the feedback and support guys, looking forward to any more suggestions/complaints you may have so I can continue to improve the experience.
  4. Hey all, thanks for all the feedback so far it is much appreciated. I am currently attempting to fix all the ghost bugs that users are reporting but I cannot recreate. I attempt to make the application crash using the same methods reported but am unsuccessful on my own devices. If you have ever experienced a crash using the application or can readily recreate a crash on the application I need your help to fix it. I really wanna to eliminate these bugs, but since they evade me I need your help to find them. One bug several users have described is one where the application will cr
  5. here you go man http://imgur.com/ggVoX
  6. Ah I understand, yeah I like your idea, I can see maybe changing the scale and rotation to a different sort of slider, would involve a lot more code but I can see it being done. Idea being: When you slide the the slider to the left it rotates the emblem continuously to that direction, and depending on how far down the slider you rotate it tweaks the speed of the rotation. Whenever you let go it snaps to the center and ends the rotation. So for fine tuning you would hold the slider close to the middle and wait to let go. This would take quite a bit of testing and in the end it could end up not
  7. Thanks for all the feedback man I really appreciate it! I really like your suggestions man, and I can see working some of them in. I understand the background issue and taking it into consideration. What exactly do you mean by endless rotation? The rotation covers the full range. Also what do you mean by " Faces, ps3, xbox and wii (and wonderweapons!) as my emblems" I do not follow. Thanks again for your feedback.
  8. Update released v1.1 Demo: FI2N7K3j62A Updates: Full color selection, new color picker, new layer deletion methods, multiple bug fixes. Next update ideas: Fine tuning control on rotation and scale (extra element that will help you get just the perfect angle or size), Search feature for emblem picker by name, more save slots, more saving options. Looking forward to any more suggestions/complaints you may have so I can continue to improve the experience.
  9. Hey all I am the developer behind 'Emblem Tools for Black Ops' the iOS emblem creation application. Here is a youtube demo I made using the app. If you check my channel I have recently posted a video of the newest update coming out that features a much improved color picker. sebptbgpPpg If you have any bug reports, questions, suggestions, or anything else feel free to contact me. iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/emble...ps/id412843648 I will have a fresh batch of promocodes when the update gets accepted, if you have any means of promoting the application, send m
  10. cmlewis

    New here

    Hey all, New to the forums, my name is Chris. I've been playing cod since WaW, WaW,mw2 on ps3, mw2 and blops on PC. I am also the developer behind Emblem Tools for Black Ops for iOS devices. Hit me up if you want to play some blops or mw2 on pc. :D
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