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  1. Nope, the SA-80 is a family of guns, not one specific gun. And the Enfield is the L85 (Like the L86 LSW, but a rifle version), but it still doesnt look like the gun in the video
  2. In CoD 4, why were guns unlocked at higher levels? Because they were better. Why did you unlock the Deagle after the M9? Because the Deagle is better. Why did you unlock the Barrett .50 cal after the Dragunov? Because the Barrett is better. You didn't put much thought into that response did you? I'm sorry, but that was the most retarded post ever. I personally prefer the USP to the Deagle, and thats unlocked before it Most people agree the M40A3 was the best sniper, and it was the first unlocked There are no 'better' guns, just guns which you prefer You didn't put much thought into that response did you?
  3. http://twitter.com/jd_2020/mp-reveal Thats a list of people who are going to the MP event, click follow this list and you will be updated very quickly :)
  4. My friends, uncles, brothers, wifes, son works for Microsoft and he told me that in Black Ops you can actually fly on magic carpets! I'm so psyched!
  5. I think that if you have pre-ordered the game, you will get a four section code (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) Then you will put that into the site, and it will give you an option to get a Xbox, PS3 or PC Beta code. Thats happened with a few games now.
  6. Nah, I don't think it will ever be done on consoles. Clearly Activison wants the most money possible from DLC, and if you can make your own maps why would you pay to download ones? If you want to do all of that, get the PC game, its quite easy to make maps once you get the hang of it. :-D
  7. Just so you all know, it's fine to go on the game however early you get it. Aslong as its a genuine retail copy you can't get banned at all, and thats been confirmed many times.
  8. Well, I have never actually pre-ordered a game from Amazon, but most big companies (I preorder from GAME.co.uk) send the games out 2-3 days for the release date, so you are sure to get in on release, but most of the time you do get it one day early.
  9. It definitely says "Henry Langham Recordin 8 12:00pm Friday 13th August 2010 (GMT)"
  10. Well, most online shops ship pre-orders out a few days before the release and the game normally comes on the day or even the day before :-) Hope this helps
  11. It's obvious that Treyarch spent a lot of time and effort into creating gknova on top of creating the new COD title. I highly doubt that is was intentional that the number seems to be the date that this occurred, and probably isn't a date at all It isnt a date, its just showing that GKNOVA IS CoD:BO, it shows that they are trying to do something to the guy in the trailer. It maybe Zombies, or it might be a new thing altogether. We will just have to wait and see :)
  12. I doubt it, alot of clues have lead to it being CoD7.
  13. Ok with the Purple Hell solver I have worked out that: J U Z A Z S Y P V B T A U W P Z V S C Opened With Something I don't know if that is the actual solution or just a coincidence that it can work out like that
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