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  1. We need to try and get JD_2020's or Vahn's attention and have them post it on twitter. Anyone want to help get it noticed? I am glad its all coming together, especially in the link provided.
  2. Let's face it. When Black Ops comes out, who is seriously STILL going to play World at War? I know I'm not. I have an idea for the community of Black Ops and World at War (which is us) to set up a date (can discuss whenever) and give one last farewell to World at War by playing online matches such as TDM and SnD. This would mean we need to gather as much people as possible to play World at War and try to see the full servers that I (we) miss. It will probably be my last time playing, I don't know about you. I am throwing in the towel and retiring from it. I think it will be a neat idea and will be a really good opportunity to say goodbye. For some of you it will be your last, for most it will not be your last! Everyone is welcome, any console! (I play on 360) I will list more information later if people are interested. Thanks for reading! If you are interested please tell. I can turn this into a petition thread if it gets popular, so sign. Link to original thread by ME: http://callofduty.com/board/viewtopic.p ... &sk=t&sd=a
  3. callofduty.com is back up ): But what does it say on the background of his site? it says like "Henry Langham" then I see "Friday the 13th"
  4. I see the words "Henry Langham" and "Friday the 13th"
  5. You can get the exclusive flight suit now up until September 30 (Gamestop should give you a card with a redemption code on it). You cannot actually use it until 11-9-10 though. And for the Woods thing, there is a code in the actual game box that has the Woods avatar code AND the Co-Op maps on it.
  6. Link from update: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/cal ... 0fc595en02
  7. I just called she said something about the Woods Avatar Outfit and the medal, but nothing about the maps ):.
  8. And give me brains! Lmao. Also, there are A LOT of reports of people confirming what their local Gamestop has said. A kid made a youtube video of him talking to Gamestop when they said it.
  9. Yay my post is popular! I sure do hope its zombies...
  10. You forgot about the first Zombie Map! The original! Hopefully this confirms it though!!!!!
  11. From lilmike002001 on CallofDuty.com forums "After hearing about the special edition releases of BlackOps I headed to my local gamestop to upgrade my preorder. I asked the guy behind the counter if he had anymore information on the special editions. He then handed me a pamplet of 4 papers stapled together. The front page reads 'Hardened edition details' with 4 pictures dipicting the 'medal' 'avatar outfit' 'steelbook' and a classic picture of WAW zombies on it. Under the list of 'summary of features' it says "Four exclusive Zombie maps from World at War updated for the Black Ops engine ($15 value)" Reply from Muttdawg509 "he is right, as soon as I read this I called gamestop to ask "what comes in your special edition" and he told me aboutthe medal, the steelbook, and 4 EXTRA ZOMBIE MAPS!!!!! I then said "did u just say zombies?" hhe verified it, and then I said "u know treyarch hasn't revealed that yet right?" all he said was "oops, oh well" and then chuckled!!!!! its O F F I C I A L" UPDATE: BEST BUY CONFIRMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/cal ... 0fc595en02
  12. http://playstationlifestyle.net/wp-cont ... -Ops-2.jpg Don't know if you seen the yet Carbon (zombie at top up the stairs?) And the document with all the "H" and "O's" is tetrodotoxin.
  13. My idea is to put NO stopping power, so people can focus on other perks and what not.
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