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  1. hmmmmmmm well I haven't been back here for the past year and I think it's time I return anyways!! Alright so the timeline of this is a bit confusing...well A LOT confusing buttttt I have to agree with many on the fact that since they did make these actors younger in the map it must mean it is set back years but not 1930 ish, it's just not plausible enough due to the fact that THEY WEREN'T EVEN BORN YET :OOOOO also maybe it may be set in the 1940's-50's because I strongly feel that this could be the date of the map or maybe they could've made a movie but put on botox to make them younger... lol but that's my thought on this stuff anyways tl;dr I spelled timelime instead of timeline
  2. Alright guys after looking in at this thread this got me thinking and thinking and thinking... Well this is all I could think of Thought: Ok so we do know that the most recent data entry in the zombies menu screen before going into online matches talks about these test subjects, but! At the same time this whole map may be a flashback of maxis recalling what went on this island which may or may not really explain the origin of our zombies but my gut tells me that Motd is some kind of flashback for maxis as to his concerns for these people and to what may be the true origins of what happened in Motd and what will lead to our new future map Regards- JJrocks aka Time2gam3 8-)
  3. if anybody remembered my earlier topic about my crazy theory about body switching well then if you heard about the tweet saying how our charecters will return but in some "form" this makes me think I was sort of right but! maybe they could be zombies or maybe the "voices" in your head well thanks for hearing me out and well i'll keep on posting sooner or later
  4. Well this probably might sound really stupid or crazy but lets say that after moon our heros tried to teleport back to the destroyed world. Then some crazy error happened making them switch bodies with the chaaracters we saw in the reveal. It seems crazy I know but it is the future after all...... Regards JJrocks :mrgreen:
  5. On twitter joh olin just said that those four maps are from [email protected] nazi zombies
  6. OMG Okay i went to gamestop to preorder cod black ops and i asked them about whats in the presteige set and they say when you go on youtube there is this video talking about and the car is bieng used in the multiplayer BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!! enough said
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