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  1. Um... Pretty sure they were for most of WWII. LOLWUT? The Germans attacked the Russians, even though they signed a cease fire, of sorts. This is the major reason Germany lost the war. They definately were not allies. You're both right. The Russians and the Germans (and the Japanese and Italians) were all on the same Side for a while (axis) I think it was called. everyone else was on the other side (the allies). Then the Germans turned on the Russians an attacked them and ended up fighting a war on 2 fronts, stretched themselves too thin and lost.
  2. Welcome to the forum, and welcome to 2011!!
  3. +1 for the post, interesting find I reckon there will be loads of this stuff. Got to say the guy in the vid is a cock though.
  4. Utterly utterly ridiculous fluke shot, awesome, I love it. Thank you treyarch for theatre mode. Love the fact he'd not sat their in private match for a week setting it up, spur of the moment fluke. Nice.
  5. I think it's an interesting concept and good ideas to freshen up the game should always be welcomed but I think there are a lot of problems with how you would actually put it in place. The main one I can think of is control, i.e. gunships currently are on autopilot which means you have no control over where they go. In a game mode like this you all you are essentially doing is competing to be the best at aiming your chain gun which doesn't sound like it would be much fun. If we could come up with a way of controlling the helicopter and shooting the gun, that might work
  6. "this is the fish the terminator would keep in it's fish tank" rofl brilliant.
  7. I have same problems. Takes ages to find a game I can connect to keeps saying connection lost and once that I was signed out of psn when I wasn't. V frustrating. I have good Internet connection and at least 3 bars when I do get in just takes ages to connect. This game is really buggy. I played campaign till it froze and I had to reboot then mp till I rage quit due to connection lost and just played against bots after that which is dull.
  8. Moody, people are already queing!!!! I won't get home till 7 at the earliest I don't stand a chance!! Well excited. Concerned about connection issues though, I used to have loads of problems with WAW dropping out or having poor connections, I'm hoping that will all be fixed now!
  9. I never pre order any more for this exact reason. I just posted about uk supermarkets in another thread I'd rather queue get it half price and play it there and then!!
  10. As we've seen with the last couple of call of duty titles a number of supermarkets in the UK are having a midnight opening and price war for the sale of blackops. For MW2 they had copies on sale for £27 instead of the full £55 which was RRP and ive had confirmation that a number are looking to do the same again but copies will be limited. If you're in the uk ANd haven't preordered and fancy a bargain I suggest you check if your local Asda or Sainsburys is planning to open and if they are then get there early as only a couple of hundred copies likely per store. Good luck and hope to see you online at 12.10!!!!
  11. Absolutely agree with this. Shame there hasn't been a place on the forum to actively discuss leaks, that's a couple of levels away from accidental viewing. I really want to talk about it and learn more but I don't want to ruin anything for anyone. I was gutted to see the ending of single player (accident) but I'm glad I've watched all the MP and Zombies footage. Awesome. Gave me my Zombies fix to get me through and made me even more excited.
  12. I'm sure I have missed something but have we got clarity over what the difference between a spy plane and the blackbird is?
  13. Thanks 880 any ideas how they will ban people from psn? Nit sure if there is a precedent for that, I know there is on xbox. @codestuff I'm not sure how that changes things unless TI is not available in wager matches.
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