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  1. I'm a total dunce but...I swear there is no swamp on ascension? I don't really play it much
  2. Next Hype by Tempz I doubt anyone other than UK zombies will know, and even they might not.
  3. FieldMarshall


    Call me a dunce if you all worked this one out already, but I'm sure it is Yuri Gagarin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_Gagarin He was Russian, so the accent is right. In 1961 he went into space, so the time period is right. He was an astronaut, so you'd probably find him at the rocket launch site. Chances are that if there weren't zombies everywhere, that rocket would be the rocket the took him into space in 1961, and Treyarch knew this, so they incorporated the real life event into their storyline. Maybe Sam tried like...car jacking his rocket and thats why he's all crying for help and whatnot. Questions? Comebacks?
  4. Ok, as I'm sure many of you know, you can link your youtube account to theater mode, which basically allows you to post your gameplay clips (up to 30 secs) online. I expect I'm not the only one to have done this, so here is a thread where you can post a link to your channel for people to check it out Here is a link to mine: http://www.youtube.com/user/marshall8780 I post funny stuff mainly, and a couple of awesome things. Look forward to seeing all your clips as well, FieldMarshall
  5. Guys! check out the new HL vid where him and gunit123 get the worlds fastest nuke! oh wait thats fake too? HL is not real, it was just a marketing plan for a preeeeeeeeeeeeetty rubbish band. Please, no more.
  6. What I think people don't realise is this, Treyarch put so much into the game that its almost certain there will be some initial problems. I mean like, right now what are the main issues? -Spawns -Ninja -Care package glitch (which i wont lie i have used) -Snipers nerfed to the maximum Compare that to MW2 -Horrible Maps -Commando -Deathstreaks -Overpowered killstreaks -Javelin glitch -1887's being insaaaaane -Stealth bomber glitch -Care package glitch -One Man Army -Danger Close -M203 ridiculousness -Host migration -Robert Bowling never listening to the community I'm stopping the list now, or I'll be here for weeks. People need to realise that this game isn't piss easy like MW2, it takes some skill. When im bored inbetween rounds I like to check out everyone's KD, normally in a lobby of 12 around 3 will be positive, because this game is challenging, and you can't expect to be like...god of cod straight away...if you're doing badly, don't sit there and bitch about it saying the game is bad, man up and have another crack at it.
  7. On the starting floors there are pictures of characters such as Roebuck from WaW, as well as a tribute to the CoD military adviser Hank Kiersey.
  8. Theres another downstairs on level 3 in the labs, im pretty sure theres a third one somewhere and they need to be linked for someting. Also, who else urinated a little bit the first time the pentagon thief got you? I sure did, last time I play alone..
  9. 3 rocks, which I believe to be 115 related, which if you link play the new zombie song, 115. They can be found behind a coffee table in the dressing room, on a shelf in the room above the dumpsters and in the start room in the corner under the right hand stair case. I take credit for the shelf one and the starting room one, but I had to google how to find the coffee table one.
  10. Then heads will get smashed.. Can you say that in a russian accent? Then heads will get smashed with vodka bottle... That's an accent right?
  11. Then heads will get smashed..
  12. I would go there and be like 'I will physically die if I don't have it', it would be pointless though because the package will not reach the depot till Sunday. Also, I preorder because it's normally a lot easier for me, but also because I live in a kinda rough area and the last time I bought a game in store at release day, someone a few places in front of me got stabbed and robbed for their copy of GTA 4. True story.
  13. I preorderded black ops and it came today, whilst I was out :| On the note they left it said I can pick it up from the depot in 48 hours, which is ok I guess, still pre release.. In 48 hours it's a Sunday :| I can get it on Monday though, right? No, I'll be at work all day. FML. 4 days. FML.
  14. carbon where was this? i spent like 2 hours on google groups using every combination of -ill bill -carbonfibah -conspiracy -the revolution will be classified -non phixion -alexmiddleton4 eeeeverything, and i never found this..
  15. http://groups.google.co.uk/group/alt.so ... conspiracy this is where your clues have led me carbon...
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