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  1. Bless..I did not call you a troll, I did point out a problem in your argument though. A rather large one? If your incapable of remembering the intro and outro vids that have been there since day one, the vids that you are using to bolster your argument of an update; then why should I or anyone else take you at your word of added dialogue. The only way you can seal the deal so to speak is to provide evidance for your claims, or a line of logical thought that can be argued for and stands up to opposing viewpoints arguments. I dont like to use the word but you have "insert word here" to provide evidance or an argument that stands up. ?? Why update the dialogue for SNN over DR when the numbers playing DR are far higher? I will give you something, yes there have been silent updates pushed but as far as I am aware these are only for the lines that were allready in the files reserved for certain events, that are now used during normal gameplay. eg/ "Lightning has hit the mainframe, we should investigate" or "this will shred them into a thousand pieces" Hope you understand all I am asking is for you to either provide proof or a logical argument you can stand behind.
  2. Neither of those two vids are new, let me explain... both videos are in the PC files and have been since day one. They are labelled intro_pac_load.bik & outro_load.bik. The file sizes are 134mb & 195mb respectively. They have allready been compressed and even with further compression for say a console you would still be looking at over 50mb each. So when exactly did they sneak these in? You dont need to answer that as.....they didnt. They have been there all along. My real gripe here though is the title of the thread. Peter theory put to rest.......dare I say Proof or ;-) Yop..I just did
  3. "Lower Rhine and West Valia command for me" ....maybe :D
  4. Totally appreciate your line of thinking there, let me tell you why I think it may well be one of the many layered clues that have been dropped. You probably just think the wallpaper was not of any significance, so of course the advert obviously still in the same area has no importance either. http://www.callofduty.com/intel/272 This is a quote from the intel with a little bit highlighted. "Our recon team out in the field has finally started to get new information about the latest Zombie infestation. We’ve pinpointed the location to be an old factory called Der Riese. Most of the recon team was slaughtered, and we were only able to receive this one image of the carnage going on at Der Riese. "Troops, study this desktop background carefully, as we’ll need as much preparation as possible to fend off the legions of zombies". The good news is that it seems like there are new technologies at the factory that we should be able to take advantage of." Treyarch have multiple layers of clues spread throughout their website as well as in game. If the zombies dont get to me first I hope to....oh noess.... they're arrrrg
  5. Danke Schoen CarbonF, just gona edit the OP with your screengrab so peeps get it all in one. So does anyone have any thoughts on the other textures posted? Maybe a few zombags we have left to find... With regards the text, DARKNESS WILL COME... maybe this referances the text found in Veruckt. What was it? something like FAULTERING SECURITIES LIE ON THE SUN? Maybe the Nazis hoped to block out the sun with the moon....permanently :D
  6. Lets try again 1st paragraph "So if you go to http://www.callofduty.com/CoDWW homepage Check out the image for IPad Zombies that they have used at the top of page, do you think they might be hinting that Der Riese still has more to it?? I mean there are words written on the wall, I cant make them out as I dont have my glasses to hand. Can anyone see what it says?? Maybe someone could screengrab it and possibly enlarge for us all to see it." Also the textures I posted are labelled General Waffen Body 1 and 2. I would screengrab the advert if I could but my PC just wont run with it.
  7. So if you go to http://www.callofduty.com/CoDWW homepage Check out the image for IPad Zombies that they have used at the top of page, do you think they might be hinting that Der Riese still has more to it?? I mean there are words written on the wall. I remember when they gave us the wallpaper that looks to be based in a similuar area, but had no writing on the wall in the background everyone said it must mean there was possibly a teleporter that we had not yet found a way to access. Maybe they were right afterall. So one other thing I noticed was that Ipad zombies have a differant skin for some of there zombies if you look at the screen grabs on CODHQ, I mean I dont remember ever seeing a zombag in camo, have you? Well I came across a texture in the PC files that might be of interest. It could just be from the SP or MP game files, I am reasonably observant though and I really dont think I have seen it in game before. General Waffen = General Weapon I mean two differant body skins both covered in slime and fibrerous/ roots.... Plus the riginal Der Riese wallpaper had Zombags with headgear, these textures also feature a helmut unlike the Honour Gaurd skins. What do you guys think?
  8. This is the PaP skin that as far as I can tell is wrapped around each gun model as opposed to a seperate skin for each weapon. Explaining (possibly) what you have noticed. Good spotting on the Widdershins, do you think other weapons names might have some significance?? 115 Compressor and accelerator make me wonder...
  9. So Carbon, I guess you would want to keep that envelope pristine an all as a souvenier. I just wondered if you might be tempted to steam the stamps off just to make sure nothing was written underneath them. 2nd week of April an all, given the issue date of the stamps
  10. Am I wrong in saying that one is U238 and one is U235 and when they make contact with each-other upon impact, that ignites the explosion? U-238 is the common form of U that can be found to occur naturaly. U-235 is weapon grade (fissile) and is capable of a sustained chain reaction (Ka-boom). From what I can gather the amount of U-235 that can be obtained by refining? is far less than the U-238 you start out with. I think this is shown in the video, as is the fissile chain reaction. So in this order This would be U-235 extracted from U-238 Then this would be the approximate of U-235 you would get from U-238 Then finaly the chain reaction or Ka-boom This is the wiki link for U-235 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium-235 This is a link that offers an alternative look into WW2 and the German effort to produce U-235. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/socio ... pter02.htm Why did I post the second link? Well the Der Riese chalkboards make mention of Uranium (possibly). Top left of this chalkboard underneath Experiment is the symbol for Uranium, it looks like the sun but it is an U. Also this texture from SNN found on the desk Is that the Giant rising or maybe a bomb originating from the Breslau area of old Germany. I will try and enlarge the last two textures and edit this post when I can. New site looks awesome Carbon, nice job. (edit) Forgot to mention, I am sure that I read somewhere that the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima only contained fissile material about equivilant to the size of a baseball. Take that with a pinch of salt though.
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