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  1. Did anyone notice it? At first glance I thought it looked like Hitler, but it actually looks like Richtofen at second look. I was told that there are more dolls themed from other characters[Citation Needed}, but I did find it funny that the doll would laugh and scream "Stop tickling me " when interacted with. Each Character Gets a Different Response From The Dolls. With the help of some friends, I have disclosed the location of all four dolls. 1.) Richtofen - A floor above the Juggernog, on the far side of the room, on a table with a flashlight on him. 2.) Takeo - On a shelf next to PhD Flopper 3.) Dempsey - The hardest to find, on a barrel, engulfed in fire next to the claymores 4.) Nikolai - On a large device next to speed cola.
  2. Well I mainly found it interesting because the same monkey bomb is on Der Reise. So there is a definite connection.
  3. Another small tidbit; I didn't get a picture unfortunately. Did anyone notice the Monkey Bomb on Sam's bed has a Molotov on its back? Not only is it an anachronism, as molotovs were not commonly used as G.I. (Government Issue) Weapons in the 1960's, but the Monkey bomb was also seen in Der Reise during the " Hide And Seek " game following the activation of the Fly Trap
  4. The very first room you spawn, just look up.
  5. This is nothing signifigant, but.. Notice the placement of the window boards. They appear to spell out XIV XI(11) V(5) 115. Just thought i'd share.
  6. I just got MW 2, but i''m usually packing Pave Low, Emergency Air Drop, and Care Package.
  7. I'd love to see the same killstreaks, maybe more, but definitely not as many as Mw2. And, I mean, REALLY, I don't want them to pull another weapon like the MP40. Also War would be nice to have back.
  8. Mine was probably " Dogs From The Grave ". I was running around Corrosion, mowing kids down with my Thompson, So then I see two guys with MP40s near an explosive barrel. I have a 5 kill streak so I end up killing the one person, and then panic firing at the other. I just nicked the explosive barrel while spraying and then the other player had killed me. Almost immediately, the explosive barrel exploded and killed the other, giving me Dogs.
  9. I'm all about the Semi-Autos and the Mosin Nagant. I use (Im pretty sure on EVERY CLASS) Frags Flash BB Stopping Power Steady Aim Ordinance Training When I get pissed at Jugger-Noobs and MP40-ers I pull out Mp40 Frag Betties Stopping Power Martyrdom Ordinance Training
  10. Pack A punch matter 1. The patterns on weapons are NOT ALWAYS THE SAME. I was playing recently and I saw that some patterns are symmetrical and some are arbitrary. Could this mean anything? (Arbitrary: Random ) (Sorry for bad quality) Arbitrary: B115 Accelerator Symmetrical: The Widowmaker Matter two: The carbine upgraded is called the Widdershins RC-1 What the heck could " Widdershins " mean? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Widdershins Basically Widdershins means: To take a course opposite the apparent motion of the sun (in the Northern hemisphere), going counterclockwise, lefthandwise, or to circle an object, by always keeping it on the left or "in a direction opposite to the usual" So how could this relate to the changes that take place within the Pack-A-Punch machine?
  11. Unfortunately I use Xbox 360 so anyone who can help, I am available All this week.
  12. Ah what a surprise. Who knew I was remotely considered on these forums.
  13. Just a little side note: It may be called the flogger because the Zombies are being gruesomely whipped, not with an actual whip, of course but with deadly spikes. Anyways, I much prefer the flogger over the Zipline. Fun to watch the bodies soar.
  14. What's up guuuuuys? My name is Ryan, but I am known by most of my friends as my gamertag ZombieHunterVII. You can call me by my gamertag, by my name, Ryan, or by my nickname. Jeskimo. I was all about Zombies some time ago but now I am more into other things unfortunately. My comeback to Zombies is going to be initiated. Soon. You can probably find me on one of the following games. -Saints Row 2 -Bioshock 1 or 2 -Ninja Gaiden 2 -Call of Duty: WaW I am really.. REALLY against modding, glitching and the whatnot. You can contact me on Xbox, but I'll probably be talking with the following gamertags ( Mostly friends from school ) -NIGHT SHADE 47 -skatuhboid -Warrior 2 da max -KRAZYkilla127 So yeah, I hope I can be as much a help on here as I was on the old CoD:Z.. Which, when looking back, wasn't all that much. -ZombieHunterVII
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