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  1. I have to say I prefer Cliffside as well. Easier to blend in with the environment. I love Hazard don't get me wrong but it seems to be tougher to be discrete. Not impossible just have to work at it a little more.
  2. How can some of you say it's not worth it when they haven't even revealed what the "paid perks" are? There's a lot more to CoD Elite than just stat tracking. I'm pumped and can't wait for it to launch. User groups are what I'm most looking forward to. Try not to pass judgment until you seeing what they are offering. But the amount of free stuff is amazing. I'll be using it.
  3. Heres my old one And heres what Im using right now
  4. Thank god for the in game report system. I really don't understand why guys think it's so amusing to have genitals in their emblem. It's really pretty childish.
  5. Highly offensive and insensitive. I dont care what your friends call it. Please edit to remove.
  6. You need to get out more. Or at least expand your game library. Pong, best game ever! :P
  7. Wow good find! I like it/hope thats it. Looks pretty freakin sweet :)
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself. As hard as it is to wait, I want to wait and experience the game first hand. I want to make my own judgments based on my own gameplay, not some crappy youtube video some hacker made. Allowing those videos on this site would be an ultimate slap in the face to the developers. This site doesn't need garbage like that.
  9. I usually buzz through the SP first on regular before starting in on the MP. Then at some point I go back into the SP on veteran. I'll get some zombies in there too after I finish the SP.
  10. It's a nice thought but I'm pretty sure thats not what he ment.
  11. I but good call on The Doors that would be pretty awesome too!
  12. really? :cry: arg major FAIL. I havent seen that hack yet and hope I never do. Well it's a fun playlist with people who don't hack at least.
  13. I prefer the Barebones playlists over all the others. Mostly because the insane amount of killstreaks is my biggest issue with this game. These playlists eliminated some (not all) camping. You know the peeps that sit and hide for that nuke. I would have liked to have seen attachments and perks also removed but oh well. Can't have everything.
  14. You of course are entitled to your opinion but please back it up. WHY do you think MW2 "is balls"? Personally I think the above reasons (and others) are great examples of why this game just isn't as fun as past CODs. On top of the issues stated another reason MW2 just isn't a great game is just that many of the people who play it ruin it. From the javelin glitch to 10th lobby hackers players took advantage of the games issues, ruining it for others. So personally unless I have a few friends to play with I rarely play the game anymore. Sure there are plenty of games that have glitches that people take advantage of, but glitchers and hackers are just abundant in this game. So I prefer a game that does not raise my blood pressure like this one does.
  15. While I do still enjoy MW2 sometimes I can only stand it for so long. The insane amounts of killstreaks and ridiculous perks really ruin it for me. Not to mention the glitchers, hackers, and the 7540932589340 messages selling 10th prestige lobbies. If I can find a good lobby, or play with a group of friends I enjoy myself on this game. But for many this game is a joke and those are the ones who ruin it for the people just trying to have fun. I'll take WaW over MW2 any day.
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