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  1. it was awsome exept that reznov crap, i saw it coming from a mile away
  2. its just the f*cked up spawn system. i often spawn right in front of an enemy. and enemy's spawn behind me
  3. srry there, its just how my friends call it
  4. i want to make the weirdo jumps (aka dolphin dives) the new kind of quickscoping. like you do a weird jump and then kill someone or something like that, what do you guys think?
  5. wow just read this and never believed the ebola theory but the symptoms you say are the symptoms of ebola (internal bleeding)
  6. We don't want spoilers, silly. My bad, i thought the guy's name was Mason, I guess, but it still makes sense. What do we need to free mason from? its not a spoiler, i dont have seen any leaked footage myself. but i am pretty sure it is because of al tv's and stuff edit: what look up spoiler bla bla, its a movie, you know, the deer hunter
  7. i said it ones in the chat, mason is bla bla bla bla bla he is bla bla bla things for bla edit: and that launch trailer interogation is no interogation, look up Spoiler bla bla
  8. fairstrike

    the name GK

    i was just doing some random research and found this site: http://www.abbreviations.com/GK interesting abbreviations where: God's kid and Godly King(s) and great killers it can also mean Gerichtskasten (German: Pigeon-Hole; law firms) and maybe General/greek knowledge nobody knows. the above is probably crap but my biggest find was: Grand King [Freemasonry] !!!!!! it can mean that the nova projects is linked to the illuminati and that explains why richtofen was talking about the illuminati and maybe he infiltrated dr maxis project to let it work for the illuminati probably its all not true or already posted but just wondered what you guys think
  9. yeah phosphorus is some nasty stuff, we experimentated with it at chemistry and why couldnt exthuingish the fire
  10. no, it was a fun activity
  11. maybe a bit late but i want to join in but i am only 16
  12. after i did my homework [brains] i solved it note: capital karakters are important (in username and password) the username was hard
  13. 13 or didnt you mean that? 14 in the text
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