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  1. haha! http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&p=11919#p11919
  2. So I was playing the mission on Rebirth Island at the part where you are going through all the scenes as Mason after escaping the chair room. If you pause at first the Objectives say "Ascension" followed by a series of numbers. Then, after you meet up with the guy again your objectives update and it says "Echelon", again, followed by a series of numbers. Could this be the new zombie map?
  3. Jungle, Domination. I spawned in the exact same spot and got killed by the exact same guy 11 times in a row.
  4. Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Such a marveled game, so well promoted and so well described. Personally I think the game is great, lots of action, fast paced maps and multiplayer. The zombies are back and better than ever, of course. Haven't finished the campaign yet but so far it is incredible. Now there are some issues that need to be looked at (i.e. server structure, spawning, perks). But the game itself is at a good level. I feel it was overhyped a little bit, but not near as much as Modern Warfare 2. I do think they could improve on some of the weapon balancing (that's my opinion) and the kills
  5. Love MP: Famas, every feature except what is in "Hate". Zombies: Return of old characters, Weapons, Map Size, Outdoors, New pickups Hate MP: Spawning, Gun balance, RC-XD, Quickscopers. Zombies: Crawling things, PAP teleporting, , lack of originality.
  6. There was no need to call it "crap", for one. I don't see why everyone has to be so critical, he's just trying to have a bit of fun. Please don't insult him for doing this. [brains] to help with you -votes...
  7. Wait until Tuesday. I can see the count going skyward.
  8. I don't know if you guys noticed but around 0:28 - 0:30 there are numbers being displayed in that room. Red numbers. Someone mentioned something about Red earlier, but I don't remember what it was.
  9. It's just a dashboard beta update for a game... nothing important... You get them all the time for games...
  10. I think it's going to be the same as last time. They're going to put out a trailer the day before launch or around that time.
  11. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1786&hilit=Embed+videos That's a tutorial by user DancingZombie for future reference! :)
  12. I totally agree with Claire, with one addition, we custom paint a huge CoDz logo on the carepackage with signatures, and just a huge thank you not from us all.
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