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  1. Totally agree. What this needs is a message from someone/thing that we confirmed IN-GAME (the gknova6.com site, e-mail from ace, or even a phone call/txt on Carbon's dead-drop cell). OR a tweet from JD saying this crap is gamejack. Unfiction isn't touching this until its confirmed to be real... From my perspective, this stinks to high-hell of a gamejack.
  2. Yes I agree. I would be nice to have someone "in game" confirms this is real.
  3. I think we've made progress on the 21-22-42-41-43 code. http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/view ... 746#727746 Looks like a phone (fax) number at CIA headquarters. https://www.cia.gov/contact-cia/index.html Looking for help on the top number: 423775 7 44794 If its coordinates (42.3775, -74.4794) it would be just outside of Albany... http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s ... 872437&z=8
  4. Interesting find. I checked the meta data, nothing interesting in it. Nothing is obviously different from the original pic. I'd say it is VERY sloppy to put a browseable folder in a website... Question is, how did you come across it?
  5. Carb, if those pics were taken with the phone, they should have META data in the JPG. Can we get the original files (or are they in the zip?)
  6. Wow, I just posted some defense for you Carb. But please correct me if I am wrong, but when you say "the chance to write and post my anaylsis before I scan all the images" is translated to me as "I want first crack as solving all of the puzzles". I was in a very similar situation very recently, and I sought guidance from someone who's been in ARG's longer than I. And I am glad I did...
  7. I'm going to bet this is Carbonfibah's first ARG (as it was mine as well). I know if I was in his position I would be completely freaking out, with no idea what to do next. Also as he stated above, he's without EQUIPMENT which is making it difficult to share. Instead of beating him down, I suggest offering him help. Carbonfibah, it would be nice to get at least some pics of the relevant info (like the parts that say MrToasty, AzureWolf, and Shizzire!) and anything that might be a code that needs to be decrypted. We can start working on those while waiting for some hi-res scans of the docs.
  8. Yeah I don't blame him... Just exciting to be mentioned! Crap now I can't sleep!!!
  9. Dammit they all have cameras! Give us something to look at!!!
  10. Waiting patiently for contents details Dan! We know you have the package.
  11. Just found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_cryptonym GKNOVA fits in with this definition/pattern, but nothing in the wiki relates to GK or NOVA.
  12. At the top: GK 0984242 SR (a) = 2010032 DR ( = 0510032 SR © = 2010022 TR (d) = 1915032 IR (e) = 0002036 I just wanted to filling the rest of the numbers and add in the type of report. Still thinking about what these could mean. Yes I agree the first two letters may be important. Thanks for posting this.
  13. Updated stitched of the two pieces of the puzzle: C/O uNFiction
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