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  1. That one is pretty outdated and doesn't resemble the full game create a class as well as this. I'm leaving this thread up. Thank You! Anyone else like to share their classes?
  2. Okay. I apologize for the re post. Would someone please take this down.
  3. I myself play a run and gun style while capping flags as i mainly play Domination. So created this class to suite that style: Primary weapon M8A1 Attachments Suppressor Target finder Secondary weapon KAP-40 Attachments Fast mag Perks Blind eye Scavenger Awareness Tactical Semtex Flash bang
  4. I have been looking at a few videos on YouTube and i came across a video that had a great create a class simulator in the description. There isn't much else i can say on the topic other than please enjoy this and if any of you have used this before please share your combo's you have created . I am sure a good few users have used, seen and heard of this but i would like to show whoever doesn't yet know of this. Thank you. The link: http://callofduty.4players.de/index.php ... pageID=157 Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM6M1ZN ... =g-all-lik
  5. Is it possible there will be multiple time zones available to play? I have seen several theories intailing time travel with the teleporters. This could lead to some more fascinating theories also. Just chucking that out their.
  6. My view, honestly, is that there are several things we need to take into account and that is the stereotype to say the least of comparing Call of Duties. 1. IT'S NEW! People love anything new! And it's true, we are instantly attracted to something new and this intrigues us. Now, because we are so interested and want to delve into the deepest caverns that we can with blops 2 we are going to compare it to the last call of duty. That being Modern Warfare 3.When in actual fact with blops 2 we should be comparing it to it's original game black ops 1. 2. The games we are comparing are m
  7. It's kind of simple, really. It's 2v2 in a four player game. Last team without a down wins. You can't actually hurt the other team, but you can throw monkeys in their direction, run through their kiting area, shoot them with an Awful Lawton, etc. I see that. But it would be good to get some footage of people doing it.
  8. I have just posted a topic very similar to this. I am aware they are alike and if there are any problems i am sorry. If a possible merge of these two to create an even bigger amount of information on this mode then i would be more than happy to do that. Here is my post: viewtopic.php?f=120&t=24457
  9. Looks like all the threads/topics have been moved in this TranZit section so to quickly get everything organised i have created this to keep all the information we have on TranZit up to date and in one central area that is easily read and understood. I will post everything i know about it and can get access to here but if there is anything that needs to be added then please say and i will update it as soon as i possibly can. I will only post officially released information and no leaked or speculating rumors around it. Thank You What is TranZit? TranZit is intended to be the
  10. Have you got some sort of way to record your game play? If so why not make a short video showing us this is actually possible .
  11. Well thank you Shooter! I feel glad to be back and a part of all this and i hope to help in any way possible (Even if that entails being a grammar Nazi in some cases !) but feel free to message me and get talking and collaborating whenever needed.
  12. Some really nice opinions here. I am staying optimistic about it as there are a few things i could switch around and ditch, like most equipment and some perks. It will be good to see how the community will react to such a large window for customization.
  13. As you can tell by the title i have made this for you guys to discuss your thoughts and feelings about the new create a class system that Treyarch has induced to BlopsII. Please feel free to post any views you have on it or any idea you think would be a good asset to the system. Or....Just post stuff you think would be really cool . I am sorry if there is any other post like this but from what i can see there isn't. If so then please say. Thank you!
  14. Hello fapuccinoo. It is nice to see you have joined us. I hope you have a great time being here. Happy to help whenever needed .
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