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  1. What universe did they announce that in? unless I'm reading this wrong, ours.
  2. Didn't they say zombies was getting a story AND multiplayer mode? What if the perks machines are MP exclusive? Meanwhile, Story Mode uses the gumball machines. Story mode could just be objective based and not necessarily round based. So you're given more health compared to MP so you don't need something like Jug and why random powerups are available instead. Maybe perks are actually progression based. The first couple objectives are relatively easy, making perks not really a necessity. The later objectives might require perks, but you should have already unlocked them so you can equip them. Has anyone considered that Shadows of Evil might not actually be like the Zombie mode we're used to? Seeing that the campaign is 4 player co-op, why not Zombies as well? The Giant and all DLC after that might be the Survival mode we know and love.
  3. It makes sense that they got a COMIC BOOK artist to draw it. Damn, everything falls into place now. Well, not really.
  4. I saw a guy who posted a picture earlier, he had the staff in a cradle looking thing in the Crazy Place, maybe that's how you get ultimate?
  5. NextGenTactics. They've been around for a while, yo. http://www.youtube.com/user/NGTZombies
  6. Here he is, with some red pulsing mist around him. Zombie Blood in effect? I'm sure that's just zombie blood in effect. I can't wait for this map! I forgot who, but one of the Youtubers confirmed that this was an effect of Zombies Blood. To other players you look like a zombie.
  7. Screw the Ax7 zombies map. I wanna Replacers zombie map now.
  8. I saw the Scorpion in the box, as well. And a gun that looked like a Swat 556?
  9. I told myself I wouldn't watch any spoilers... :cry:
  10. I don't see why not, I mean, it is WW I after all, No Mans Land was an actual thing. It'd be in between trenches, is what I'd imagine. Maybe the zombies become nearly impossible to kill, or the giants only attack you in NML?
  11. Something I didn't notice till I saw this version, is that around 0:42 seconds, there's a voice that whispers "touch them". It sounds like New Samantha's voice (New Samantha as in this new voice). Wonder what that's about?
  12. It occurred to me that I've never done an introduction. So time to fix that. Been a member for over 2 years now, I was inactive for a good majority of that time. I replied to one post on the day I made my account and never posted again due to fear and anxiety that I would be shunned from the community (thanks brain). Only now, in the past couple of months have I been becoming more active on here. The name's Josh. RockyRhode here on the forums and PSN. I play zombies on PS3, high rounds are possible, but not fun, to be honest. Once you get to ~33 it gets boring. That's when you start grabbing random weapons and pack-a-punching them until you go down. At the time of this post, I'm still an incoming college freshman, but school starts for me on Monday. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be taking my PS3 with me since the last thing I need is a distraction from my school work. So that means very little zombies time starting tomorrow when I move into my dorm. Ultimately meaning that I probably won't have my PS3 when Origins drops I'm looking forward to a long stay here on the forums, the CoD zombies community is one of my favorite communities on the net. Look forward to seeing you guys in the threads!
  13. I was gonna say the same thing about the Ascension poster. Except this time, 3 of the weapons on the poster are confirmed. The staff (confirmed by the achievements), the Mauzer (confirmed by the trailer), and the MG08 (trailer also). Edit: I was rewatching the trailer for the name of the machine gun, and found this frame Looks like the MP40 has been confirmed for a while. Edit 2; Also looks like the people above me already said this while I was typing.
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