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  1. Although this has probably already been investigated, I noticed that in solo 3 of the 4 buttons were pressed (the ones to take you back in time), but one (to the left of the Quick Revive) isn't pressed. I tried pressing it, but nothing happened. However, there might be something there... At least, I hope so.
  2. I believe steps 8 and 9 are also skipped in the solo version
  3. For me, it's always happened when I kill him in the water, so I just fire the final shots while he's on land. So far, it's worked out. Also, apparently the perk doesn't actually disappear, but instead just spawns in a different water area, but I haven't seen this myself (I just read about it).
  4. When you hear thunder and instantly look up trying to find where the Pack A Punch moved to
  5. Check my signature. I could go higher, but a lot of times I'm playing with randoms or friends that aren't that great at zombies.
  6. Yeah I usually end up with 20+ revives when playing with randoms, but I don't mind it that much, because I figure I'm getting them a better record and they're helping me work on reviving. I used to just do solo when no one was online, but I've been doing random matches lately and I enjoy it.
  7. I don't think there is a difference between xbox and ps3 for it, because I followed the xbox guides and it worked... just make sure you don't hit any of the foghorns/radios before you need to, as that can screw it up.
  8. just do this to get them set right: First you want to go to the first floor of the lighthouse(Very Bottom). Move the Dial to 6. Next go to the 3rd Floor and move the dial there until the second floor dial is at 4. Following that, Go on the 4th floor and move it until the 3rd is at 7. Next, Move the 4th floor one until it is at 2. Count the number of times you do this. After, Move the dial on the first floor the same amount of times that you moved the one on the 4th. Finally, move the 2nd floor dial until it is at 4. (copied from http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=309112)
  9. Danman1220

    easter egg

    http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=13269 that should have all the steps for the easter egg for Shangri-la. It's separate from the song that you can get to play by interacting with 3 meteorites in the map.
  10. Ascension is the highest for me. It's just so easy running laps around the lander, and I can usually get jugg and a decent weapon by round 8ish.
  11. I can usually get him with a well placed matroshka doll, but a scavenger shot should do the trick as well; just throw/fire it at the ground in the light right as he gets to it, and he should die.
  12. Or perhaps he modified a Gersch device to be used for teleportation. He probably would've had the knowledge to do so, considering he helped build the teleporters in Der Riese.
  13. I've noticed these as well. Perhaps they were used to transport zombies for testing somewhere? I don't know enough of the storyline to say from where or to where, but that would be my first thought... Perhaps it was from Japan to Germany/Germany to Japan? EDIT: I was reading another thread that mentioned a meteor of 115 landing in Siberia, supposedly near COtD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunguska_event) so perhaps they were transporting the zombies that were created from the meteor to different research facilities?

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