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  1. Hello all, Tac here. October 20, 2010 was my first day on this forum, right before Black Ops and quite near the beginning of my comprehensible life (26 now this month). Sometimes that doesn't seem very crazy to me and then other days it seems simply incredible, I've made as close of connections to people on this forum as my closest IRL friends (and fuck off if you sneer at that like it can't be true). Per usual I feel I've thought about this post a lot as it approached but as I've come to create it, I'm more at a loss for words than expected. Real quick on that point I want to shout out @Ehjoo
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  2. Oh boy, what a words. If the CoDZ family would be together in real life now, I'd shout 'Speech!' and empty my glas or bottle. I joined around the same age as you, now 5 years ago I think and I've learned so much here. First of all, I think my english grades went up with an average of two points ever since I joined this place. I learned theorizing, having debates, discussing, and like you say, developing an own way how to look to things. Knowing the expertise of your fellow members as well, and knowing when you have been too blind and stubborn yourself. I became acquinted with the world of hist
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  3. Happy 10 years Tac! And I agree, let's hope this positivity continues as time pushes us forwards!
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