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  1. hello this is the first time I've entered any forum i played black ops zombies since bo1-bo4 i played all launch maps and a couple dlc maps played waw zombies but that was not before bo1 my personal favorite zombie maps are kino der toten shadows of evil origins der riese verruckt mob of the dead moon Der Eisendrache thats all my personal favorite maps and no i never completed an easter egg but im working on it
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  2. Well here we are. Armed with everything except for intentionally undisclosed information and an actually drawn-out map, I present to you the first map concept from the story Travelling the New World; Plaza. A small map; just a square plaza of stores and a small underground area, taking place just a few days after nuclear retaliation is called in on the area due to ever-spreading contagion not even Broken Arrow could fully identify with decades of research behind them. Naturally there is debris covering areas of the parking lot area so it's not a huge open train spot, but areas are diverse and
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  3. Genuine love everything about this! @The MehMehcheck this out. The 'Pro Perks' are like BO2's perma perks I guess, but without the effect that they still work in new matches, I assume? A large range of weapons of which, perhaps, the IKEA Toolkit may be my favourite (a nailgun is very fitting in the setting of the map, too). Regarding the map's setting, would you mind posting some images that you have in mind how this map looks? Is it creepy and dark, or rather light and clumsy? I like the detailed improvement of the Jetgun, and the almost classic clumsyness of the Melt
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  4. I believe Nero Blackstone may be historically connected to the famous magician, Harry Blackstone Sr., who was famous for "sawing a woman in half" illusions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Blackstone,_Sr. Just compare that one with the Nero poster. The resemblance is uncanny... - Mix Knows All! ;)
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