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  1. If you'd prefer to watch and/or listen, you can find the companion video here. POINT OF CONTACT Within Die Maschine’s intro cutscene and reveal, we are shown multiple shots of an “anomaly” or “rift”. Whilst we cannot say for 100% certainty, it is more than likely that this is the Dark Aether’s breach into our world. CORRUPTING FORCE As discussed in a prior post of mine, The Dark Aether is an eldritch force of chaos and of entropy, and within it lie all the beings formerly existing within the Aether. Just as with the Banished Keepers before them, these beings
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  2. Here's some PoC thoughts from someone who played this awful game too much. I've asked if cheats were okay these days, and given the green light, I'll give some tips. ####### Feral sight all match: In the first area, buy the Sniper and fire at the large neon sign. In a timely manner shoot 3 shots at L O L on either side of the sign to get LOL to appear on your screen. If it doesn't work, give it a few seconds and try again. It must be with basic ammo and no attachments on the sniper, usually hitting the background color is fine, you do not need to hit the neon tubes them
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  3. Great thread, beautiful wording also, it was a true pleasure to read. I feel obligated to add a link to @clueless's post about the Machine seen in the trailer and how it connects to the Dark Aether, as it essentially feels like a pt. 2 on this topic. With Earth's connection to the Aether being vanished, the only entrance left seems to be the one in the oposite direction: the Dark Aether. I just keep wondering in what applications we have encountered this realm in the 'prior' story. It seems like in many cases, we were already dealing with the dark variant of
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  4. It is probably real cheap, so why not? Here's what to expect; Ghosts was not popular, but I found it to be decent. It has good bots, like BO2 did, these are the best 2 games for functional bots on CoD. Offline bot games can be fun. I make Infected games with bots where the survivors have Sentry, Vulture, and Loki (Loki; I call in the Armored Squadmate and a care package, wait until Squadmate spawns, then cancel Loki because the bots will hide while it's up, so you want them to come gets shredded by Mr. Sentryperson). It's just pointless slaughter for fun. Sa
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