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  1. 2 points
    ^^^^^^ this a thousand times my dear numpty. Would it be too much for to ask for just a straight up zombie map with no buildables, no parts, PaP behind a door, and a sidequest that doesn't scream at you to complete it? Who's leg do I have to hump to get an EE that doesn't prompt you to start it on the first f***ing round? The Call of Duty Zombie community is absolutely brilliant, and in that fact we can appreciate subtlety as much as complexity - we don't need this bullshit hammered into our skulls over and over every new map that there is a secret quest. WE F***ING GET IT, a standalone tower defense game doesn't jive with your marketing anymore so you have to amplify the fact that it is more then just a side mode. News flash, it didn't jive to begin with. It's always been a mode apart from the mainstream What I have seen, I don't know about all of you, is a systematic dumbing down of the overall complexity of the zombies mode. It seems more important to find a modern yet retro nostalgia cast then to actually focus on replayabiilty. It seems more important to focus on what parts you need to get to the next step on Round 1, then just f***ing enjoying Round 1. Don't tell me I have shit to do, I know I have shit to do - this is zombies... and here's the important part, IF I DON'T KNOW then eventually I will learn from other players what to do. It's honestly part of the magic, learning from people. I never knew there was anything more to zombies until someone showed me the EE on Ascension, my mind was blown. Yes, Yuri gives you a hint at the start, but it is nowhere near as specific as the directions given in zombie maps now. I'm rambling. It's quite simple (to me, at least - but I'm just a dude so what do I know): have your Origins (loved), have your TranZit (technical difficulties), have your Die Rise (vomits in mouth), but give us a Kino. Give us an Ascension. Give us a spooky throwback that doesn't rely on any mechanics past BO1, when the formula was intact. There are so many zombie survival games out there, all I want is for it to be the game it was. We don't want a copy of a copy of a copy. /endrant also hi.
  2. 1 point
    Sorry folk's, I haven't been around as much over the past year. I did mention I was retiring from the forum but I was persuaded to stick around in a technical support and advisory. I couldn't just leave and hand over the reigns to @InfestLithiumwith all you mental lot. I kind of need to get away, after the massive let down (for me) of BOIII and generally losing interest in the game mode and the fact I hit 40 years young last year. Additionally and not a lot will know this, but myself and the wife had another child (yip, sucker for punishment) which makes 4 kids (5 including me). Steven was born on the 24th November and is just a bundle of joy, becoming a right little character. I just wanted to let you all know, that I'm still around and so is @Boom115 and @DeathBringerZen, @Covert Gunman and the rest of our moderation team @Lenne, @Spider, @Doppelgänger, our good friend @GRILL, @Slade who has also been missing in action and last but no least @Flammenwerfer We haven't forgotten about you, we still love the site and the community in general but life sometimes takes hold and precedence. We still look after the site in the background and will still add updates and features. Just some are not as active as others which is fine. For those mentioned above, I do want to see some asses in here now and again though. So, once again I would like to say thanks and
  3. 1 point
    @GRILL!!! M'dude! Good to see you, and what an reentry! (Cue monkey round warning.) You came blasting in here like a freshly PAPed Zeus' Cannon on Round 50 with 3 players down! What a speech - bravo! Could hardly have been said better. Amen yessir huzzah and hallelujah!
  4. 1 point
    I'm still around, lurking in the shadows but decided to take a back seat during the IW Zombies era and skipped WWII Zombies altogether so as to avoid burning myself out again and to stay fresh for the next Treyarch outing. Its my own fault really. I hit custom zombies hard and it killed the game-mode for me. BO3 was also a big letdown for me. No real innovation except for the micro transaction inspired GG's and the overall kid mode feel to the game-mode in general. I also found the map design to be poor on most maps. IW Zombies was promising but I never bought any of the DLC as they all looked pretty lame tbh. I'll be around for the next game though, regardless of whether its good or not because I'm a sucker for Treyarch zombies. I sincerely hope that Treyarch actually try to be bold and innovative this time around though. I don't want every map to be inspired by MotD & Origins with the same perks across the board. Maps need to feel unique and different like the BO2 maps. Give them all their own identity and unique features. Anyway... Moderator or not I'm still here and always will be. Just need Treyarch to give me a reason to want to invest my spare time in discussing their game. I want to be passionate again and hope that can be the case this coming season.
  5. 1 point
    The BO 1 formular was perfect (minus Moon cause that is where the problems started), cause it was just survival and if people wanted to, they could group up for the Easter Egg, which was completely optional. Forced Teamwork and forced Sidequest are just dumb. Nice to see you again, Grill.
  6. 1 point
    What do I want see? Happy players. All the shite they brought into BOIII can go to fuck in all honesty. Zombies was ruined in BOIII. If it doesn’t incur a massive overhaul and a return to what was a winning formula in BOI, BOII, I won’t buy it. I don’t think I’ve played since ZNS was released. Maybe a couple of games after it but not a lot.
  7. 1 point
    These tales become more and more gruesome. Let's say the meuchlers are inhabited by the souls of unborn children, seeing Nerthus as their mother. Does that mean they obey Nerthus? And how do the souls get into the physical form of the meuchlers...aren't they actually corpses of prisoners/soldiers. That would mean that Geistkraft messes up the spirit and consciousness that inhabited those people, swapping them for those of "unborn children".
  8. 1 point
    I'm always about lurking lol
  9. 1 point
    The Scottish Rock ist back! Ha! You should apologize yourself instead of thinking we (or I at least) would thought you, along with other mods, were gone. I've seen updates and messages in the chatbox that let me knew you were everything except gone. It felt like I should blame you and @InfestLithium in particular for such messages/updates :P In all seriousness, @Hells Warrrior, I'm really happy to hear of your child. Remember this community is merely an online community, and your family and real life are, of course, way more important. Good to hear all those names you mentioned are still present. @Doppelgänger our friend from Down Under, @Spider our XPG Richthofen pal, @Slade our Lenne 2.0 and all the others I absolutely see as legends. @Covert Gunman, really? That's the one who created this place, isn't he? It ammuses me to see the names [email protected], @Boom115 [email protected], people who's names will never be forgotten here, even if they would be gone. And @Flammenwerfer, that guy was before my time but I remember his name from golden posts throughout these forums. In short: Glad to hear this! Treyarch's next game will possibly show these forums how they were back in the days....while I enjoy it the way it is now, the current community and current story as well. Alot of fun with your kids!
  10. 1 point
    Said it in another topic, but let's hope CoD 2018 (If it really will be called BO 4, I will lose my shit.) will be good and for the love of god no DLC exclusive BS for anyone. I feel like the Sony deal for BO III is one of the bigger reasons, we had a tough time. Love all of you by the way. :) <3 <3 <3
  11. 1 point
    À la: So the idea is to copy and paste the following questions, and answer them in your comment. Take a look at the prior linked post for examples. Who is the Witch/Mistress/Woman in Buried? Why are there so many of her? What is the purple steam/light coming from her? Why does she try to sever (rob and kill) the player? Why is she playing piano when doing a small easter easter egg? Has she any connection with the Magic Well, the Wisp and the Maze? @PINNAZ @GRILL @Boom115 @Shooter @MysteryMachineX lets see if I can reach some old fella's.
  12. 1 point
    Thats a good point. It is indeed known that Group 935 based their Pack-a-Punch designs on the designs of a man in the old West. There is a PaP downstairs the garden house, behind the Maze. Maybe this was his workbench area. Maybe this was the place were the first version of the PaP machine was made. There is an unknown blueprint seen at the top of the Buried loading screen, very vagauely. Could this be the PaP?
  13. 1 point
    @RadZakpak Those are some great ideas, most of which I've never thought. I know about the Sarah Faraday theory, yet somehow I do not fully believe in it. I mean, yes, who else than Faraday (or his wife) himself would hang such huge portrait of Farady in his/hers house. But in the time of Buried, Jimmy Zielinski was still in charge, basing everything on real life events. According to wikipedia, Faraday never moved to the West, and it seems odd to me that the CoDZ developers just make him live in a old Western town. Let's take a look at some of the Lady's quotes: It's almost like she always was a widow. Maybe she never had a husband, and the house is really hers, and from no one else. These quotes fit perfectly in your "souls" theory. You say she feeds herself with others souls. From these quotes it seems like there are alot of other souls in the house as well, next to the witch's soul. All these souls will stay forever in the mansion. Might be why there are so many witches: They are actually all trapped souls, now in power of the First Real Lady. Their life force (like the Wisp is a formless bolt of life force as well) now take the form of the witch. Makes me wanna play Buried again and explore the House. At one point in history, this house really had alot of power, before (one of) its inhabitant turned into a ghost. But how did she turned into a ghost? 1) Love pain, anger, etc (like the ghost in Whuttering Heights: Stupid movie, dont watch). 2) A crazy experiment of her husband (if thats Faraday). Possibly with the goal of making her immortal, but the experiment fails and Sarah is damned and cursed by the Dark Aether. The purple light might refer to the Dark Aether: She has been to/has influenced by that dimension. One thing. Once again, awesome answers, Rad!
  14. 1 point
    I have a hard time looking past WWII. I am very ready for a change in the COD Zombies formula and am hoping WWII is it. I am personally tired of the convoluted mess that is the Treyarch story line. I don't want more traveling through dimensions fighting floating teleporting ancient Apothicans or giant Cathulu tentacle monsters. I want to come back down to earth and have a more tangible zombies story more based in realistic possibility than multi-dimensional alien fantasy.
  15. 1 point
    I am a story person, so the thing I desire the most of Treyarch, is: >Make the story less obvious: The entire story is created by the game studio. Thats not nice. There is little room left over for theorists. I mean, yes, before we got all the DLC's we could guess how the story continued. But that was pretty much everything. Once DLC 4 was released, we knew all about the BO3 story and the story talk and theories dried out. WaW, BO1 and BO2 were different: The theorizing and story talk had just began when the last DLC was released. Please, decrease the intel you give us about the story, and tried to remain mysterious, and keep the story more open and empty, so there is space left over to theorize about. > As an effect on previous wish: Don't make it too unrealistic and complicated. We are never able to theorize about multiverses, the House, the children, etc. Thats just unknown territory for us. > Please stay with reality. Unit 731 did exist. But Pohnpei was never a military Japanese base. There ARE legends about the Vril Ya. Not about the Keepers. The Golden Rod and Vimanas existed in real life (myths). The Primis staffs and Summoning Key NOT. The battle of Stalingrad did happen. But not with robots and dragons. If the story is built on real events, places and myths, it's easier to theorize about. If you start telling things about the Keepers, Apothicans, Monty and the children, we can only guess what will happen/did happen. There are no sources on the internet that can give us intel about them. >Keep it sciencific explainable. I dont mean that everything has to be real (like the MPD, Golden Rod, Vimanas, zombies, etc) but at least give it some realistic looking sciencific background. Not just like: "Ohh a red portal suddenly appears. Hey look, a robot with a laser in his finger. Did you know these spiders grew so big because they are infected with 115 A FUCKING ELEMENT THAT IS THE SOURCE OF OUR UNIVERSE, AND NO GROWTH HORMONE!". You get it? >Dont relate every small secret thing to the main story. Let a few things open to discussion, or perhaps a side-story. Russian signs in Shangri La and Green Run? How odd, and while I know it has nothing to do with the main story, I am curious to find out more and theorize about it. Illuminati symbols on TV screens? A brick with a face in Der Riese? The Wisp in Buried? And many, many more small hidden neat mysteries. In BO3, every small mystery that was found either referred to the Keepers, Monty, the Apothicans, Primis, Alcatraz or the Loop. Berlinski Square in GK and the hyroglyphics in the Nan Sapwe room in ZnS were the only things in BO3 that were not like this. >About Easter Eggs, make more of them. Not just the main quest, ciphers and side-quests with a reward like in BO3, but also secrets hidden in textures, actions, quotes, models, etc. >Make the locations real and give them a background. And something deeper than only a "laboratory of evil scientists". Develop the environment in such way that we see what happened here. Process it in the quotes of some characters. And most important: Let us browse through the internet to find some myths and facts about that location. >Make the characters less obvious. Monty and the Keepers are such obvious good guy,s and the shadowman and the Apothicans are such obvious the bad guys (to start with the name, SHADOWman. Really?) that the majority of the Zombies community is actually not sure anymore if Monty is actually a good guy, and the Shadowman the bad guy. "I mean, Treyarch wouldn't make it that obvious, would they?" >Keep adding beautifull music. I am really fund on the Revelations music, but I really hope music like Ascension and Shangri La would appear on loading screens again. >Continue the comic book pages loading screens. Btw, mods, thank you SO much for making the editor remember what you have typed when you refresh a page

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