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    You already know I echo those sentiments Craig. Black Ops 3 zombies was a massive let down for me as a whole. The story and attempts at answering many past mysteries was a disgrace to this great community who helped mold it. They would have been better left unanswered if you ask me. The direction the storyline went with BO3 was also a bizzare and nonsensical route. The finale was a real shame. The problem when it came to gameplay was the lack of evolution in the series. If you have played since WaW then the games have just become progressively easier as each one drops. They seem reluctant to try and expand upon the basic core game style for veterans to get a new challenge and that has unfortunately made the series become tired. Their attempts to divert this tired style was to introduce annoying, random side quests that barely reward the efforts. Now we are getting zombies every season it is going to continue to lose it's charm (for me). I don't want to say never but I won't be buying Infinite Warfare on release or anytime soon after. I would only have been buying it for zombies and after seeing gameplay for ZiS I just ain't interested in splashing 50 bucks on a game just for 1 map that looks fun but offers very little difference from what I've been playing for 8 years now.
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    @TheHiddenSpectre Nice write up and I understand it.I used these methods to find out if transposition only or subsitution only on TheGiant cipher and worked out neither was possible The undercroft cipher I can rule out Transposition only Vigenere using standard b64 order alphabet and still being in s B64 format ready to decode 3.Mixed case Ascii mono subsubtution " I cant totally rule out or manually plot ascii mixed case and numbers but doesnt seem likely " That's why I was looking into finding a pattern or keylength with xor and trying to automate it. Do you think this method wont work to test if a key (4-10) characters has been xored to encrypt B64
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    Incase you wondered what the circle in the projector room says:
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    I've always seen you as the boss of this site, and its too bad to say bye to you. But its bye and no goodbye, and I'll see you again later. For everything you have done here (I believe you were even the one who bought this site and are also the biggest donor), I want to thank you. Good luck in your further life, only Scottish guy I ever knew.

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