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    @oxin8 I know you are using your own software but have you investigated cryptool2 IDP analyser for ideas in your own software the source is available and I believe it is written in c# I can test but I'm having problems with page navigation on the site with IE and FF only see the first and last page of the topic so I cant see the ciphertext easily can someone paste it as I'm still working on "theGiant" cipher which btw I seem to have exhausted vigenere to base64 conversion I just cant seem to get the starting blocks to 01 and kinda out run out of ideas for it EDIT ///////////// I got it I think r rh tgeRbt bnad ee shisfptFtn et eo enebe lesdepj n .a cih,eepa t gv g o,aiM Av sT aevtH esoe.nS eaeat , w,arhaeohjemuo s,detibR nhtkphaetaid ygoTt.irc"tma"rocnrihr mapa oapIthhboyst.pr eear heuaAtm et . net 'o clms e dat sl drwht hedyaehsnrdoeot oihtrvire Ci m euh emtethtr mp cn
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    You might have seen me around already but introduction threads are always nice. So I guess I should give my zombies background. My first map was Ascension at a friend's house and I'm pretty sure we never hit round 15 and probably only saw half the map(I revisited it recently and hit 15 solo and did see the whole map, lol). I really just had one weekend with Ascension and then bought BO2 with the Season Pass. For whatever reason, I didn't really play Buried or Origins but I loved me some Tranzit and Nuketown. I think it was when I looked up how to play Tranzit that I came across my first EE obsession: Bus Route B. I feel like I've looked into that more than most and due to a recent convo with @WaterKH, I'm pretty sure they probably had a Route B at some point and then scrapped it so i was finally able to put that to bed. From there I was pretty much hooked on the whole EE thing but I don't have the skill/time to really find anything. I'm a software developer(C# mostly) so I can program whatever I want and I eventually realized I could probably tackle some ciphers. ADFGX came to my attention and I figured that would be a good start. In case it wasn't obvious, I wanted to brute force the thing and after a few attempts, I switched to doing a dictionary attack. The best way to do that would be a wordlist of Zombies related words and when requesting that over at the subreddit, I believe @Tac pointed me over to the Everything post over here. I got great info compared to anywhere else but I wasn't planning on being a regular. Around then, @certainpersonio hooked me up with @WaterKH since he was doing something similar. We did a little meet and greet and I quickly decided I wasn't gonna work on some random guy's Java program, lol. We kept chatting and sharing ideas and really just became good friends. After a few less than enjoyable experiences over at the subreddit, he kept pointing me towards this community and eventually I started chiming in about GK ciphers here. Someone posted the video with all the ciphers out of the map and I decided to tackle what I thought was the easiest, the Roman Numeral cipher. I knew other people would get it so I pretty much raced the clock and managed to finally get my name attached to a solved cipher. Then I noticed the ridiculous MASM scrap paper cipher and was trying to point out that it was not going to be fun for whoever. Little did I know, @WaterKH was working on it with @Tac, @NaBrZHunter, and @Lizizadolphin. @WaterKH invited me to the skype call and I was able to get into the last 4(?) hours of chaos that ensued. Transcribing that thing was awful and we all started to go a little crazy and it was such a great time. I think 5 ciphers had been solved in the last 12 hours or something ridiculous. Maybe DLC4 will yield a similarly fun evening :) So I started on the ADFGX cipher and have code that works great at producing solutions with words in them and I can even force words but I still just need some really good guesses at this point so I've moved on to other stuff for the time being. I wrote code to simulate the enigma machine for the cipher in TG but again, that's a guessing game. I've been coding yesterday for columnar transposition for the GK typewriter cipher but with assuming it's double enciphered, I woke up to a 6 GB file that I was never going to be able to finish looking through and the program was only about 1/400th of the way through. I've also been trying to get into the derriese server in the BO1 terminal since it might be the most straightforward thing for me to work on. That said, if anyone needs data generated for ciphers that would suck to do by hand, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do. I look forward to continue hanging out with this great group of people and slowly squashing all the unsolved EE's/ciphers.
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    I literally got absorbed into this by just trying, I solved my first one by accident and just took it from there. In my experience just try it, but there will be guys here to help you with websites and other things that you can learn from. From what I know, it's about stats, percentages and pairings, rest is trial and error mostly.
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    Just adding a bit: I believe that Monty is doing a good thing. He genuinely wants to fix the fracturing of the universe. But he doesn't care about us. If he thinks anyone will be in the way or are no longer necessary, he will kill them or get rid of them in some other way. He is a necessary evil to be able to fix the universe. (Speculation and theory ahead) Richtofen knows what Monty is like. He also knows that they need to follow him regardless, because without him, they have no chance of fixing anything. Thus, the blood vials. Originally just for him, but then he ended up bonding with the others, so he decided he would protect them all.
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    what? Juxtaposition? How should this cipher actually work? The german translation of juxtaposition doesnt make sense at all... Edit: a deeper look at google iand now i know what he mean... and i'm pretty sure thats not the case its a transposition and no substitution (thats what thks juxtaposition means right?) The letterfrequenzy fits
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    Sorry for the double post again but i thought this was interesting. I dont know what to think about and cant be sure if its correct or not. If you take "TheGiant" cipher text and input it as ASCII and then convert to UTF-16 you get this. 䍫汭䙧㙩啇乊歧汎儱ㄴ扦祦潌䙃䍔汶歱楚佬汋塁穁ㅐㅕ祵䈱㑅晕䉐灦测䱭扏奪兮剎慂瑐楋坖捺䄵瘴睏砳敬䘸桏䝁婊朷椴佮湷䩤䵸癏㍏捤䴱㈸瑡吲㤶㔳潲煔坹杄䝴⽄睨剷㍆䡯䙱㕍捖ㅷ瑊乬獢坧浒漴⼴畱䑅婫砷䈱㜲戵㍘䘯ㅯ What is strange that it seems from a first glance it seems the glyphs are from the same language and all the symbols are there and none are missing so it seems like it isnt just a random load of bytes converted to unicode. If it where surely there would be glyphs from all different codebases. Im not sure what to think of it can someone take a look at it. I have no idea how to go about translating it or working out its not what the cipher converts to. I actually doubt this is what its supposed to be and maybe printable ASCII is in this character sets byte range but would be good to hear what everyone thinks EDIT////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I have thought about it and I think this is just a coincidence that 2 printable 8 bit ascii characters line up with 1 utf-16 character and its in the same codebase The reason I think this is, why only use the B64 alphabet and also "TheGiant" keyword isn't used so I think its a false positive I also tried to translate it and the first character is for a mystical goat like creature so that doesn't make sense

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