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  1. Zombie Chronicles Megathread

    With a map like Nacht at least, I think the appeal of it (especially with today's overly-complex Zombies maps) is how barebones it is. I feel like adding GobbleGums to the map will take away from that.
  2. Zombie Chronicles Megathread

    I'm beyond excited for the DLC, but I am worried about how the Gobblegums will be incorporated. I'm sure it'll be fine on the Black Ops maps, but World at War is worrying, especially Nacht. I hope at the very least they will restrict use of certain gobblegums on those maps.
  3. So the timeline thing confirmed the BO2 maps are in 2025. Good to finally get an answer to that.

  4. Just saw a mini-discussion on Reddit why Zombies should have an Auschwitz map ,and a Hiroshima map. :/

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    2. Spider3000


      Yeah, I wouldn't mind a fictional setting. Zombies was never a serious enough game mode to tackle something like that though. What annoyed me about the discussion was that the people literally asking to see undead Japanese civillians, and undead Jewish concentration camp workers were upvoted, while the people pointing out how tasteless that would be were downvoted.

    3. anonymous


      I have to disagree with you two there. I actually prefer real existed places over fictional locations. Just no concentration camps or other places where mass destruction of humans took place. So also no fictional deathcamp or nuclear bombed city. I like real existed (or existing) places. Oh, and @Spider3000, that latter thing you say makes me really concerned about the majority of CoDZombies Reddit users

    4. Spider3000


      I think you misunderstand me. I too prefer real life locations, but obviously Auschwitz is several steps too far.


      And yeah, Reddit sometimes can be a cause for concern.


    Definitely misdirection with that last Luke line. Also, are those AT-ATs I see, in the shot with the red smoke? The Force Awakens got enough comparisons to A New Hope, we don't need this to be compared to Empire. :/ Pretty good trailer overall though.
  6. I want the next game to completely ignore anything to do with the Apothicons, or Monty or Primis. Let's just start "afresh". Sounds unlikely but a far departure from Black Ops 3 would be great, and might even get me back into Zombies again.
  7. We've all been bamboozled.
  8. You're Banned!

    Banned for not having Facebook.
  9. Is Zombies Dying (Mega Discussion)

    I'd agree for the most part since CoD sees a general decline every year. However, Infinite Warfare's release was considered a disappointment to Activision, despite being the highest selling game of the year. I think Activision have started to realise that fans don't like the direction the game is going in, hence Sledgehammer announcing their next game would be boots on the ground. Exactly. Zombies is a tried and tested formula, that we'll see every year now, instead of every three. Extinction's failure probably contributed to this, but regardless they'll milk Zombies to death instead of create new innovative modes. Very ironic, considering Zombies was created and became the success it was through innovation and taking chances.
  10. The Time Has Come

    Sorry to hear about this. I know of some of the work you've done over the last few years, and it really revitalised the forum. Good luck with everything in the future.
  11. What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

    I'd probably just cry in a corner until I'd inevitably get eaten.
  12. Thank You Jason Blundell

    Good post, I agree completely. My interest in Zombies is almost completely dead now, thanks to Black Ops 3. In fact, I can't even be angry about that because I just don't care anymore.
  13. Elemental Staffs

    I think what Jason meant by the whole "18 months" thing is that the DLC is meant to tide people over until the next Treyarch game (which should be announced in roughly that time).
  14. A Change in Treyarch's Management

    If Blundell is studio head now, then there's no way he'll have the time to work on both Campaign and Zombies. He may not have to drop both though because Dan Bunting is co-head.
  15. Trump actually did it, Christ. I was half-expecting it since Brexit, but still the next four years will be very worrying for everyone.

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    2. Lenne


      I can't believe the glorious USA couldn't pick 2 folks that actually got something going for them.


      Now they were stuck with two pretty bad options.


      It is a shame and I am scared. (Would have been either way though... a bit more with Trump though)


      At least we will get some good memes... right? :tired:

    3. Spider3000


      @Lenne That reminds me. 11k people voted for Harambe in the election.


      @AetherialVoicesSorry to hear that. :( I think there probably would've been riots either way, considering how evenly split the votes were. Anyway, stay safe.

    4. Fire Fox

      Fire Fox

      The first meme to become President.....Donald Trump.

  16. boom BYE yeah

    Good luck with everything Boom. See you around.
  17. Someone got into my PSN account and changed my Sign-in ID. :/ Sucks because most ways of contacting Sony require you to enter your Sign-in ID.


    1. Rissole25


      Do you have an email connected with it? Have you contacted Sony? They might be able to help you out. Also could try asking /r/PS4 for advice. Hopefully you can get it back. :/

    2. Spider3000


      Thanks, I'll be contacting them soon. I've just arrived home after being away on a holiday for the last week, so the timing is terrible but oh well.

  18. My Absence

    It's sad that it's coming to this, but many of us are simply fed up with Call of Duty, or at the very least Zombies. I also would not like the site shut down, because it has become a great website for me to hang out over the last year and a half, and even longer for many more people. That being said, the passion is gone, and like Rissole said if you feel like the site should be shut down, because of costs or whatever I would understand. I appreciate the whole staff for their contributions, but thank you Hells for making CoDz the site it is today.
  19. Back Yet Again

    No worries mate, there isn't much happening in the community anyways.
  20. Your final thoughts on GobbleGums

    I liked the idea of them, and what purpose they served. However, I would've rathered more modes, than tools that slightly extend the longevity of the single mode. It's a bit surprising that Black Ops 3 had more modes than Black Ops 2, but I digress. I think there's a bit of a delicate balance with the gums and a gamemode like Zombies, and it's very easy to go overboard with them, which Treyarch certainly did. Like you said, Round Robbing is ridiculous. How it ever got past its' conception phase is beyond me. It can be the difference from being, say, 20th on the leaderboards and being at the top. I suppose these more OP GobbleGums were made to encourage purchases of CoD Points, but it still sucks. I don't know man, overall Black Ops 3 was a big jumbled mess, and it's hard to even care about the mode anymore.
  21. Anywhere but here bossfight

    With the state of things currently, this is the most likely option.
  22. Your Zombies Comic Predictions

    I think the first issue will be a recap of sorts, going over what has happened so far with these characters and what remains of their world. I think Richtofen will not show up until the last page for a bit of a cliffhanger effect. I expect the characters backstories to be elaborated more on. From the second issues solicitation, the N4 will be going to a Broken Arrow building. The series will end badly for the N4, likely ending in death for them, based on the Richtofen quote. At the very least I think we'll get a definite ending for these characters, and much more closure than we got in Buried. Small hints and teasers that will set us up for the next Treyarch game.
  23. Top 5 maps in COD Zombies

    I thought the same before I heard the mini controversy surrounding COD 4.
  24. Top 5 maps in COD Zombies

    The problem is, if you change a lot, you risk being criticised for changing the map too much, as it affects people's nostalgia. A perfect example of this is the COD 4 remaster. Raven were criticised quite a bit by long time fans of the game, because of really trivial things. Like the kill feed, and certain gun sounds. This led to Raven reversing these changes to satisfy these particular fans.