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  1. the guys in charge of last gen updates dont bother i dont think, it wouldnt surprise me if you could still PaP the AS. the wunderwaffe is pointless with deadwire available on every gun, everyone gets mad when it shows up in the box, what they need to do with it is make it chain to 24 zombies, that'd make it worth going for.
  2. I'm really enjoying it so far, havent delved into the EE side of the map, but it feels like a more classic map, it'd be nice if everyone could get the mark 3 or buff it a bit because as the rounds go on, its not that great - not compared to the mark 2. The frequency of the bosses can be annoying, but dealable. Havent used the new gumballs yet, but am pleased with the implementation of crate power. Best DLC map so far I think.
  3. I'm totally down for Moon to return, but there is desperately one thing that should change - the teleporter, it should not require all players, trying to leave A51 or get Jugg/PaP was a joke as randoms would never join you. However for things that should stay/return, the gersch device, QED and Wave Gun, i also will be annoyed if they removed any of the OG perks on the map - by all means add the wunderfizz for more, but PHD should not be replaced.
  4. I'd be happy with Revelations, the return of Survival/grief to all maps and the ray gun mark 2 and/or 3 to all maps - i'd prefer this to remastered maps as this is bound to be done on custom maps anyway. And the reason custom maps wont come out for consoles is more down to Microsoft and Sony than ATVI, I am also surprised ATVI allowed it at all, but figured if they did it would be after all DLC is released - but thats not the case apparently, the mod tools when ready for public beta will be released, that could be before October (DLC 4 for Xbone/PC) and in a way even though the maps are free, it entice people like me to grab a gaming pc, and BO3 again on PC, just like people still buy WaW today for mods.
  5. I wouldn't immediately go for maps like rust, nuketown, hijacked, hanoi etc when good versions have already been made for WaW, i'd be interested in a Zombie firing range as a good looking version of that, never saw the light of release for WaW. Theres bound to be a zombie version of Combine as that is given as map file in the mod tools.
  6. I'm most excited for the mark 3 - hoping it'll go on all maps as the box needs it or the mark 2
  7. that picture though is of two ray gun mark 1s though
  8. dual wield mark 3, heres hoping it is added to all maps
  9. There is a lot I dislike about ZNS, but I prefer the map itself to DE, I don't like knowing it'll be an hour set up when ever i play and i miss the casual games of zombies and fun games - grief should never have been removed. I also don't get why the KT-4 is garbage and theres a long process to upgrade it, i miss just getting the WW from the box and PaPing it. These maps aren't as easy as Buried though imo.
  10. ive still not tried nightmares, but man i miss grief, it'd be so easy to add it on SoE
  11. I like SoE, but it like ZNS is not playable in public lobbies which just isn't good enough.
  12. Talking about the map itself, I definitely prefer it to DE, but having said that, like SoE it's not playable in pub lobbies.
  13. I am the Doctor? - the Doctor Who theme? or Richtofens quote :L
  14. i like it in bo2, where weapons came with DLC packs, thats how it should be, not in this supply drop garbage
  15. Maybe if 3arc had put the effort into nuketown like they said they would, we would know more, but i think we're stuck with the rushed shit they decided to do.

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