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  1. CITADEL | A Zombies Map Idea/Concept

    The mother of all map ideas is finally here
  2. Change PC's language to English or change comma separator, then close Launcher and reopen it
  3. The Time Has Come

    Suffering from same issue with forums, my dude. I have also lost the spark I had back in 2014/2015 when I was always active in forums and technically always reachable through PM. Can definitely relate in some way. When I was active, I remember discussion about forums with you, helping it in small ways possible (like Teamspeak server for a bit), good times. Never had unpleasant time with you while talking. Hopefully you come back one day with the same inspiration you had back then to make forums great again
  4. Theres already one released BO1 map before Perish, but thats meh map, lol. I am creating maps in BO3, was in Closed Alpha even Good place to start: https://www.youtube.com/user/JBird632/videos
  5. New Moderators, Veterans, and Legends, oh my!

    This post made me come back from the posting deadness as well, lel. RIP Chopper and Flammen and congrats Doppel and Doctor
  6. More group projects? Yay, lol. I might be able to help time to time, but not sure, if I can take on another project immediately on BO3 Mod Tools launch, got few projects already planned for it. What would be a good remake to see is Storm from Modern Warfare 2. Could do with CoD OL setting instead of MW2 one:

    I was told to drop comment here, lol. Anyone on PC coming to the Tournament? Im up for it, lol

    Imagine, if someone disconnects due to something that is not their fault, would they be disqualified still?
  9. Hidden evidence f3om bo1

    Not 100% sure, but maybe they have same kind of painting in Pentagon, since Five is based on IRL location?

    This sounds interesting, lol. Will there be streaming involved? How about disconnecting from Internet or something else involved that just takes the rest of the time?
  11. [BO1] Kill Confirmed

    Ever wondered how Kill Confirmed would work in zombies? No need to anymore, thanks to this mod. Idea given by TheRelaxingEnd, I started making this mod in the middle of the night and finished next day, so it's really not filled with features, but it can be very hectic and is most suitable with more players rather than playing alone. This mod should work on all maps, except Dead Ops Arcade. If there are any issues, report them and I will check, if they are happening due to this mod or if its stock scripts. Features: -Classic gametype from Infinity Ward/Treyarch titles, Kill Confirmed, brought into Black Ops 1 zombies. Alone or in co-op, gain 150 tags and you win. Penalties will be given, if you go down though. Going down, when you have more than five tags makes you lose five of them, so better be without downs. And also remember, lonely tags will disappear after 15 seconds, so grab them quick! -Starting pistol has been changed to MK23 from Killing Floor 1, which is also upgradable to Dual Wield version, just like M1911. -Custom perk and powerup shaders are applied in this mod, which are also used in some other mods, such as Mod Of The Dead by Rollonmath42. Round chalks have also been changed to be ones from Black Ops 3 zombies. -Pack-A-Punch camo has been changed to Etching camo from Black Ops 3 (Note, this camo does get applied to World at War guns as well, except it will look a bit different) Note: To run this mod, you will need game_mod made by SE2DEV, which can be found here: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10956.0.html After installing game_mod, you need to drag the mod in root/mods, then extract it there. After that, run BO_Mods.bat and select this mod. After that, just run any map other than Dead Ops Arcade and have fun! Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a189a6a88bffox9/Kill+Confirmed+by+HV.zip Credits: Rollonmath42 SE2DEV Gildor Fruckbatt TheRelaxingEnd Tom-BMX
  12. [BO1] Kill Confirmed

    All custom map part does is you can select already existing .map file and then SP creates needed files for it, if they dont exist. Just open Radiant, do some stuff in it and save as .map, lol
  13. Divinium Now Available!

    If I donated last year, will I get the Divinium? I think I donated five dollars back then, lol. Just asking, since its been so long time and not sure, if before 6/3/16 applies that far, lol
  14. [BO1] Kill Confirmed

    In WaW? Custom map, if you have map done already. Blank map, if you want to do everything yourself. Setup map, if you want to have first zone setup and some other small things done for you
  15. [BO1] Kill Confirmed

    I could consider adding like a powerup that would give you more tags and maybe bosses would give more, but that would take a bit to figure out, lol. Also, not sure how much I would need to do, so players come back up, if they die in co-op. Last time I tried that, player spawned in, but game thought he was still dead, ending the game, when other died, lol. I will consider update though. Glad you enjoyed
  16. [BO1] Perish [WIP]

    Set your feet to these solid grounds of Paris to unfold its mysteries. Will you find your way or will you perish in the darkness? What do you get when you combine a well-known standalone mod maker, a level designer who was behind creation of Rainy Death and Project Contamination, the community's most loved scripter, and Black Ops 1 Radiant? A Paris-themed map with high quality features and unique ambience. We as a team want to bring an authentic zombies feel to Perish, as if it belonged with the other maps already in Black Ops 1. In terms of the gameplay and level design, we are drawing upon inspiration from Kino, Moon, and Origins to make a balanced feel between what is just normal gameplay and objective-focused. Special thanks to SE2DEV for making this project possible in the first place. Features: -Custom weaponry, such as some Black Ops 2/3 and Ghosts weapons -Black Ops 3 characters -Buildable Shield from Der Eisendrache/Origins -Ten perks, including PHD Flopper, Electric Cherry and Widows Wine -Very in-depth main Easter Egg and various smaller ones lying around
  17. [BO1] Perish [WIP]

    Might as well post update, as I have forgotten to do so, lol
  18. Any news of TS @Hells Warrrior?

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Yeah, I've added it back in today, forgot about the issue after server move and switch to 64bit. Will sort details out and make it publicly available but not on TS3 server list.

  19. Battle the undead while you try to escape old facility in wastelands. Experimenting was done here and players need to survive the horrors of what these experiments were. Welcome to Project Contamination: Awakening This is a remake of both Shipment and Vacant, fused into one map, with a lot of new areas to explore Features: -Custom weaponry (No stock weapons) -This includes guns from MW2 up to BO3, with few being updated or from another game series, such as Battlefield 4 and Survarium -Buildable Sliquifier, Galvaknuckles, Gersch Device, updated wonderweapon from Black Ops, C4 and more -Over 40 weapons with all of them upgradable -Multiple Enemy Variants: -Normal Zombies from Nuketown -Nova Crawlers from Kino Der Toten -3 custom bosses -11 perks, 2 being completely custom ones -Complete overhaul to mod, including FOV-slider, Shadows of Evil shaders, custom powerups, custom muzzleflashes/shellejects and more -Medium/Long Main Easter Egg with smaller Easter Eggs scattered around -5 Game Modes: Classic, Gun Game, Shipment, Kill Confirmed and Juggernaut -And much more for you to discover... Screenshots: Download links: Note: Map does not need T4M to run. I have removed most of the console spam though, so T4M-users can play without big FPS-issues, except maybe in few instances. You can get graphical issues in the map and multiple errors while starting. For graphical issues, turn texture-settings down and then restarting. With multiple errors, you need to start the map as many times as it needs. This is something in WaW, which I can't fix. Also, report issues that happen more than once, since there are always one-time issues. Mega: https://mega.nz/#!oUAEQRpC!GzD-C0TduiT8BcF0o6JEv6cJfUDOvALqDq2uUy53qQc Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f6wpwhnm79qync2/Project+Contamination+1.1.exe Beta Testers: -TheScotchGuy -lukkie1998 -IHammy/ -Ray1235 -Andy Whelan -And everyone else, who got version of the map at some point Credits: -Ege115 -lukkie1998 -Ray1235 -Rollonmath42 -ElTitoPricus -BluntStuffy -DuaLVII -ConvictioNDR -Javipotter -asus89 -codmoddd1234 -shippuden1592 -Johndoe -OffTheWall -Needsmorewub -Redspace200 -RDV -Slade -JBird632 -treminaor -DidUknowiPwn -Harry Bo21 -elfenliedtopfan5 -bhmbob -SirJammy -smasher248 -xJimmy33 -RadimaX -MAK911 -Uk_ViiPeR -chromastone10 -CHN -PROxFTW -MakeCents -Scobalula -lilrifa -thezombiekilla6 And Of Course: -Treyarch -Infinity Ward -Sledgehammer Games -UGX-Mods Forum -CallOfDutyZombies Forum -Tom-BMX Version 1.1 Log: -New Game Mode has been added: Juggernaut -New Easter Egg added for Classic Game Mode -Added Black Ops 3 Death Machine, Ghosts Ameli and Ghosts CBJ-MS -New buildable has been added -Optional perk limit has been added -New options added for Kill Confirmed -Pack-a-Punch camo has been changed to be one from The Giant -Fixed the grenade pickup animation -Removed few doors, that were not needed -Aligned few models and patches -Fixed few bugs with Game Modes -New round start sounds have been added -Updated some textures in the map, like powerup shaders and round chalks -Some weapon fixes have been done Version 1.1 Credits: -DrLilRobot -Jrizzo -GeekComm -Ricko0z
  20. Project Contamination: Awakening Version 1.1

    Yes, its in WaW, and I did have great trip in China, lol, thanks
  21. 2 weeks in China with family, so no modding for me D: Good thing I released update for Project C just before the trip, so you guys can have fun with that while Im away :3 


    1. Lenne


      Enjoy your stay in China, buddy. :)

    2. HitmanVere


      Danke :P I did enjoy the trip, lol

  22. [BO1] Perish [WIP]

    For some reason a lot of people are reporting problems in PC port of BO3, yet BO1 runs for them just fine
  23. Project Contamination: Awakening Version 1.1

    Map has been updated to 1.1, change log is in original post
  24. [BO1] Perish [WIP]

    A lot of people cant run BO3 with their current setup, but can run WaW/BO1, so this will be good for those people
  25. [BO1] Perish [WIP]

    Yes, SE2DEV has been working on Radiant for few years now and I have been able to test it for month and a half now. This is the result of testing, lol