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  1. Elvira is the new celeb. The cutscene screenshot is a cartoon of the intro to her show. It's the same house and front door.
  2. It asks what map translates to Swamp of Death, but Shi No Numa is wrong. The rest seem to be good, but sometimes the answers are blank and you have to guess.
  3. It seems very easy on solo. My four box hits were XM-53, Ray Gun, and Thunder Gun twice. Wonderfizz was the same, three Deadshot then Widow's. Dead Wire went off about every 7 bullets. It was crazy easy.
  4. Economy, Pennsylvania, United States Closest city is Pittsburgh
  5. The piece you put at the end of the post isn't a hidden piece from TranZit, it's part of the Easter Egg in Buried.
  6. ???

    Good news, I got the cipher. Bad news, I don't know where to go next.
  7. Okay, I did some searching. In the spawn room, there is a bookcase under the stairs to the Spiked Bat and M1. This bookcase has a pair of hinges on the left side, and the bookcase is slightly ajar. There appears to be a crawl space under the stairs behind it, but you can't see anything other than darkness inside through the crack left by the bookcase. Above the top hinge is an ace of hearts playing card. In the room with the Vlad cabinet and the stairs down to power, there is a table with a deck of playing cards. The top card on the deck is moved slightly and a 10 of hearts is visible. The table has 7 face up ace of hearts. The desk on the wall to the right of the stairs down to the mine also has the deck slightly showing a 10 of hearts and again has the ace of hearts. The desk also has a globe on it. The shelf above the desk has some books, while the shelf above that has some candles. One of the candles seems to stick out from the other ones visually. It is very brightly lighted, unlike the red ones beside it. I could also hear a banging from above the power room. It was a steady rhythm, like some sort of machinery. I don't know if this is the same as the knocking. The final thing I saw were 19 tally marks in rave paint next to the dart board by the Vlad cabinet. There is at least one other dart board in the mess hall. One useless thing I found that won't probably go anywhere is the cans of spray paint by the Spiked Bat show up as a solid tube of their color in rave mode. All of this was done Scene 1, with no progress on the main quest.
  8. The collectables start a song from zombies if you collect enough in a given level. Doing so unlocks it in the computer's music player in campaign.
  9. It is not Sam. In DE Groph does not know that the Maxises have been teleported by The Giant Edward. He only learns that they have been "dealt with" when Origins Edward tells him. He would have known if they were sent to the moon because he would have been there to have Ludvig executed. My best guess as to what happened to them would be Origins Ludvig and Edward intercepted them mid-teleportation and sent Origins Edward through to The Giant afterwards. I personally think Weasel is in control. He escaped Alcatraz and made it to Morg City just in time to get caught in the mess. I believe that he was accidentally teleported to The Giant when Origins Edward teleported there from Morg City. His plane is on the roof of Teleporter Z-C, but he is nowhere to be found. He teleported to the moon, but didn't have anyone waiting for him and survived long enough to get to the MPD. Then he pulled a Sam and got stuck inside.
  10. If you want them, you could purchase them on your account. If your brother bought a sandwich, would you get a free sandwich? No. You could have the plastic wrap if you wanted it, but you couldn't eat the sandwich. He bought the maps for the game, so now you can play on them. The maps are part of the game itself. Your account is packaged in it. Your account doesn't have the rights to use the GGs because you didn't buy the DLC. You have the plastic wrap left over from your brother's sandwich, but you still haven't bought a sandwich.
  11. It's to make the map feel larger. It looks like there is more area, but you can't actually go there. Or maybe there's a second robot route that goes there…
  12. High school map won't happen. School shootings are a touchy subject in the USA, and Activision won't release a map to everyone but the US. But thanks to mod tools, they won't have to make one! The community can instead.
  13. A supposed leak from a Microsoft employee has reported the release to be sometime tonight. There is no proof behind the leak, however. I contacted Microsoft Support a few hours ago, and they told me that it was supposed to be released in February, but Activision put it on hold. Whenever Activision decides to release it, it will appear in the Store and the disk will work. When I asked about the leak, they said if Activision wants to, they could release it at any given moment now that it has the OK. That means that tonight could be THE night.
  14. Why haven't we tested this yet? Some here has to have done it and have The Giant.
  15. But by the time we finally solve it and find the key, it's probably going to be something obvious.

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