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  1. Good Day Fellow Slayers

    Welcome good sir!! I play Xbox so if you ever want just add me I'm always down for zombies! BLazeking558 Steam: kindman32
  2. Creepiest Buried Easter Egg thus far!

    Nice find! Defiantly going to look for that now.
  3. the player made challenges

    Try to survive as long as you can in the starting room. No going outside or anywhere else. The only weapons allowed would be the starting pistol M14 and the Olympia. Have fun!
  4. Bleach Anyone

    Just wondering if anyone her watches Bleach and wants to discuss it or anything. I don't read the manga but I do watch the crap out of it!
  5. Your Top 10 TV Shows

    Have you watched Korra at all? It sorta just came out and quite interesting well at least I thought so! Man all my favorite shows are anime or cartoon haha! Bu I will go ahead and do it anyways! Bleach Fairy Tail Sword Art Online Dragon Ball Z Rugrats Ed Edd Eddy Thats about all do not really watch a lot of TV if it is then it would mostly be Bleach
  6. Hello from Nebraska

    Welcome man! I just joined and I'm loving it so far! Too bad I dont have PSN all I got is Steam and 360! But if you need anything just ask around. Everyone here is friendly and loves questions!
  7. Crazy Place Portals & Nacht Der Untoten Loading Screen

    I love stuff like this. I love learning new things about maps. I wanna learn everything there is about the whole zombie series. I've read so much and heard so much. I'm trying to come up with my own therory from the stuff I've been reading.
  8. Easiest map Ever?

    Yeh buried is simple and easy to get high rounds on and kills. Along with ascension just because how open it is and how well you can train zombies.
  9. I tried this gun the other day and omg it's amazing.
  10. Does Ascension sound like World at War?

    Oh thank goodness I thought I it was just me when it comes to ascension.
  11. Reasons why you hate Moon?

    Moon is quite entertaining to me. It gives you something to do. And I haven't really had any problems besides a few glitches here and there but it still fun. In the end that is all that matters is how fun the map is and entertaining it can be for you and your friends.
  12. Boring guy's call to the zombies team

    Well I agree and disagree a little of this. You have your head in the right place I guess? Uhhh to me bigger is better because bigger means more opportunities to be successful in a zombie game. It always gives the devs more to do and more things to add in. But then again bigger could be bad because of all the things. Simplicity is good but some zombie slayers like the advancements. I agree with you on the ranking. Ranking in BO2 is seriously flawed. If you think about, if you are beginner and you are just starting out to play zombies you are going to suck because you do not know the map nor do you know what to do and the objectives. Thus causing everything to go down. If you are like me you started out sucking but as you progressed you do become better. But I've trying forever to rank up but as I progress through I think to myself is it worth it. You cannot compare a skull with blues to a shotgun. Half the time I see a crossed bone player better than a shotgun. So really it should all go back to BO1 days with just high round instead of worrying about people leaving because they got down. Some quotes do need to be thought out more but not all of them. I heard 3arch was going to retire the new crew and just bring back the old crew. Don't quote me on that though I'm not sure if that's reliable or not.
  13. I agree with you on this one! I'm not a fan of the ray gun at all just because how weak it has become over the years. And splash damage does not seem to help at all. But the mark 2 has saved my butt a couple of times.
  14. class system

    Well if you think about it. The more classes and the more advancements for those classes the more OP everyone will be unless you up the number of zombies in each round and/or increase the health of each zombies. Or you could make a class that just specifies on the types of zombies that are encountered in the rounds.
  15. Did you know *Buried*

    Leroy can make a crawler his best friend. You can double your money at the bank You can get perks for 10 points Uhhhhhh you guys probably already know everything haha! But thought it was interesting