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  1. Your Top 10 TV Shows

    Have you watched Korra at all? It sorta just came out and quite interesting well at least I thought so! Man all my favorite shows are anime or cartoon haha! Bu I will go ahead and do it anyways! Bleach Fairy Tail Sword Art Online Dragon Ball Z Rugrats Ed Edd Eddy Thats about all do not really watch a lot of TV if it is then it would mostly be Bleach
  2. Crazy Place Portals & Nacht Der Untoten Loading Screen

    I love stuff like this. I love learning new things about maps. I wanna learn everything there is about the whole zombie series. I've read so much and heard so much. I'm trying to come up with my own therory from the stuff I've been reading.
  3. Easiest map Ever?

    Yeh buried is simple and easy to get high rounds on and kills. Along with ascension just because how open it is and how well you can train zombies.
  4. Welcome to the forums BLazeking558 :)