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  1. What are some things know know about this map? Only played twice so far
  2. Why does this guy seem to be such a dick all the time?
  3. Or....a fallout game like this.....would be better
  4. Shit just happened again then it froze...might be done with buried lol....sorry TheOmen, was a good game we had going.
  5. Just got all set up on buried, pap'd mk2,sledg hamr, and paralyzer and 6 perks....then walked off the stairs by the pap machine -_-
  6. No need. If the story is over then its over. Could just be random people going wtf and trying to survive.
  7. Good playing with ya. To bad those other people backed out. I definitely need to get a new mic though
  8. Just llayed a full match on ps3 with 0 hackers
  9. Post-apocalyptic fallout type setting would be cool
  10. Buried got old reallllly fast But I dont do EE so idk about that part
  11. I cant stand people backing out or rage quitting! Add me, deerkiller9991 I play afternoons 2-4ish and evenings 7-11ish central time normally
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