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  1. Der Eisendrache Highest Round??

    This is mad. Was expecting round 30+ for most people. Chuffed mine is only 19 too.
  2. Why Are we NOT discussing these points?

    I'm with Matuzz on this one. I love the O4. We all do. But it's the future. I want to see a new story, and I feel that's what we're gonna get. I reckon we'll get references to the old story, but I think this one's gonna be completely different.
  3. Lost but not forgotten

    Didn't murdermachinex come back a few weeks ago? Changed his name to something slightly different like madmachinex or something like that?
  4. I remember it well. God I love Treyarch. Look at the hype already. Nothing confirmed in any way, just a quick picture. Already were looking at it as bait. Black sun, FN 2000, MPD. You guys all make me so happy!
  5. What? XD I am pretty sure you probably knew that. Most people I talk to a lot here do too! Does it not say it on my profile? Also I think it will be in past broadcasts on the channel so it will be available to rewatch, but im not sure. I actually had the same response! Weird!
  6. Christmas Avatars!

    Christmas + kittens + hats= EPC WN Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  7. The meaning behind the Avatar

    Mines an electric eel. Why you ask? Guess. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  8. This is awesome. Totally epic. Especially with Mark Lamia. I'm not sure if anyone else felt it, but with Black Ops 2, Vondeharr and Zilenski seemed to be at the forefront of all the dlc, Lamia hardly got a mention. But with Black Ops he was everywhere. Ooooooooh, I can't wait, roll on February!
  9. What's your favorite band(s)

    Queens of the Stone Age are my favourite band, but I listen to most things. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  10. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    Didn't Rick say to the dude at the start that there was a sword in his buried bag? and he was going to kill him with it? I don't really get the whole cannibal thing either. What's the story with the hooded guy at the end? Is that a character that I've forgotten about, or is it a new character?
  11. You're Banned!

    Banned for reminding me of Basil Brush.
  12. Good NDU strategies

    When the game first came out, we didn't have broadband. So I'd literally play solo for ages. I always used to go through the help door upstairs, and then camp next to the staircase (by the grenades), keeping an eye on the window on the right. This strat isn't great though, on your own, you'll be lucky to get 10+ After a few months of playing though, I came up with another strategy. If you open the help door, and leave the staircase closed in that room, then camp out at the bottom of the room (by the Thompson). The zombies come from every angle, but you can actually dodge and weave the zombies. I've gotten to about round 17 doing this. The same strategy works with multiple players, but you'll all need to take a window. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  13. When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    I thought black ops 2 nuketown was called nuketown 2025?! True for the Multiplayer map, not the zombies map though. I'm sure it's said on this thread, but as you progress through the rounds on NTZ, you hear steps of the Moon Easter Egg. Which puts it at the same timeframe as Moon. But, there isn't solid proof for when it actually takes place. sent from my brain using 115 and magic
  14. ~Zombies Hangman~

    E Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  15. Epic wins on kino.

    I didn't think zombies could be won. It's one of the addictive features to zombies, no matter what happens, or how good you are, eventually you die. And then lose. But to answer your question, I think you made the OP too map specific. If I could pick any win, it'd be on Nuketown. 3 player game and all 3 of us got cornered in the same spot, I managed to train in a spot about 5x the size of the player. If you're on ps3 you should check out my player channel, it's saved on that. Really was amazing. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk