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  1. Site Update

    Thanks for the patience today, the update took longer than anticipated as an issue with connectivity with our ftp server and IPS server was encountered, it menat that we had to upload all files rather than the updated files which takes a little longer as you can appreciate. We are back online but we need to update the theme to take account of some styling changes and new features functions and fix a couple of bugs. Howeever we can't process the theme update due to a memory error when uploading this file and we have a ticket open for this again (it was supposed to be fixed in this version but it hasn't been) - if you notice anything, please let us know.
  2. A Return

    Welcome, hope you have fund and find what you are looking for on CoDz.
  3. New BUT.... Some How Old

    I beg to differ, my primary 3 school teacher was a dragon, she scared the crap out of me every time I saw her.
  4. Introducing my Self

    Talked about and declined ;)
  5. CoDz Wiki: Open to the Public

    I'm looking at integrating the sign ons with forum software as well, work in progress and lets see how the "bridge" works.
  6. Good to be back after a week awy with the family.

  7. Simon Says

    Simon Says Play the Simon memory game here for free. Simon is a memory game that uses colors and sounds to help you remember patterns. Atari released a handheld version of simon in 1978.
  8. CoDz Forum Mobile App

    OK, as it stands no. It is not worth the investment for so little user was the response received. However, the understanding they have is that windows phones will soon support Android - so the answer will probably be a yes if that's true.
  9. CoDz Forum Mobile App

    Erm, I need to look into that tbh. At the moment I do not see it as an option but something we can investigate.
  10. Does anyone wanna do an easteregg ?

    It appears at the top of every forum.
  11. Does anyone wanna do an easteregg ?

    I know you just messaged me looking for a game but seriously, does everyone looking for a game have the same issue of not being able to use their eyes and read before posting.
  12. Puzzle Bobble

    Puzzle Bobble Add Game Description
  13. Flappy Bird

    Flappy Bird Fly the flappy bird to get through the green tubes for points. Press space key to flap the bird during the flash game.
  14. Track & Field 2

    Track & Field 2 Classic track and field arcade game. Play track & field 2 here.
  15. Test

  16. Aware of double posts, status updates - this is being looked into but won't get a proper look until after work.


    Sorry Euro partners, I was online last night awaiting three additional players but only myself and @FlameyCat were about - looks like us Europeans missed out this time.

    @Smok3y @Lauren @anonymous @Doctor Richtofen @BaronVonBeau First 2 to respond is in - add me on xbox Hells Warrrior and we are good to go in 20 minutes, you need to respond here first (first two to respond are in) with me and @FlameyCat

    I'll be on in 20 minutes or so, who else is part of the Euro team?

    When am I required? Just let me know and I can sort something out.
  21. CoDz All-Platform Playerlist Database

    I can create a database for this, would work better if it was something you all felt would beneficial?
  22. Perk-a-Colas

    Good luck with the project, if you need anything from us just let us know. As this isn't site news, I have moved it to general zombies discussion.
  23. What image size did you get informed it must be? I appears it was less than 1MB for yer profile pic?


    Let me know and I'll have a look into it.

    1. HitmanVere


      0.2MBs or less. Got the image to that point and good thing it didnt lose quality, lol

  24. Helicopter