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Ascend From Darkness

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Here are the steps to upgrade the staffs to the elemental staffs.


Wind Staff: Yellow


Location: Crazy place, accessed from tunnel at generator 5


  • Put the lights above the wind area in the crazy place, in the right order (see image below).




Align the discs in order shown above by shooting them with your wind staff.


  • Shoot the fire cauldrons around the map x3, remember that these must all be facing the dig site


On mud path leading to the the church (route that the tank takes)




Next to stamin up




Next to Stamin-Up



To complete the upgrade to the ultimate elemental staffs:


There are 4 levers in the staff chamber, which turn the huge 4 parted cylindrical machine (shown below for Lighting)




Turn the machine so that all the yellow stones are lined up with the blue part of the center ring, go to the bottom of the chamber &look up and shoot the yellow orb. Return to the Crazy place, insert the air staff into the air pedestal.


Kill zombies around the pedestal, Pick up you ultimate elemental staff and enjoy.


Fire Staff: Orange/Red

Lighting Staff: Purple
Ice Staff: Blue


Once all four staffs have been upgraded, you must place each of them in the corresponding pedestals that have now appeared around the map. One of the pedestal spawns in front of the original staff pedestals under the Dig Site, the other three pedestals are located in each of the Giant Robots. It should be noted that these pedestals only spawn when all 115 Conversion Generators have been activated, so make sure power is on! Once a staff has been placed in a pedestal, it cannot be picked up until this step is fully completed, which is when they return to their original pedestals under the Dig Site. The correct combination of the staffs and pedestals are the following:

  • Upgraded Fire Staff: In the pedestal under the Dig Site
  • Upgraded Lightning Staff: In Thor, the robot that wanders around the spawning trenches
  • Upgraded Wind Staff: In Odin, the most central robot that walks across the Dig Site.
  • Upgraded Ice Staff: In Freya, the robot that roams around the Church area

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