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The Generator

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  • This easter egg requires 4 players. 
  • Required items:
    • Gersch Device
    • Matryoshka Dolls
    • Pack-A-Punched Guns:
      • Ray Guns (Porter's X2 Ray Gun)
      • Thunder Gun (Zeus Cannon)


Buy the mystery box until you have acquired the Gersch Device

Make your way towards PhD Flopper and when you get to the bottom of the stairs and facing the landers, look to the right and you should see a glowing generator outside of the playable area.


If you go up to the PhD Flopper room and into the corner, you can hear a high-pitched noise. For this, you MUST have a Gersch Device. Position yourself where you would like, and throw the Gersch Device onto or near the generator to get it sucked into the Gersch.


When sucked in, you will hear Samantha laugh.

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