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Secure The Keys

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This is a two part step but as is with all zombies, without power, you cannot do much. So you'll need to switch on all the generators (6 in total). So where are these generators?


  • Generator 1: In located in the spawn room.
  • Generator 2: The door to the right of the first generator’s position. Through the next set of doors and you'll find the next generator
  • Generator 3: Go through the opening to the left of the first generator and turn right, open that door and follow the path. Opening a second door, take a left up some steps to the next generator.
  • Generator 4: Going up to no mans land, you can go left, right or straight ahead, turn right and you'll see the next generator at the back.
  • Generator 5: Go straight ahead and you'll find the next generator next to juggernaug
  • Generator 6: Go to the church and go up the stairs, out the back and you'll find generator 6


This map is quite handy, as it will also show you dig mound locations, staff locations, record locations, maxis drone and wunderfizz locations.




Collect all four staffs by finding their parts. Each staff holds three parts followed by a record and their respective element.


The locations and instructions on how to obtain these are as follows


Wind Staff: Yellow  Wind Staff




  • Near Stamin-up to the right of the perk machine
  • On the ox-cart near generator 5
  • Inside the cave.

Staff Parts:

  • Enter the giant robots, all three contain one of the 3 staff parts. The feet will be lit up, only this foot can be entered. The other foot cannot.


Fire Staff: Orange/red fire staff.png


fire record.png


  • bottom floor of the church stuck at the front of the Tank (tank must be absent to retrieve i think)
  • entrance to generator 6 on the left on top of a box;
  • (pretty sure there's one more location)

Staff parts:

  • Kill Panzer Soldat one time retrieve one part
  • Shoot down glowing plane and follow part where it lands to pick up
  • power generator 6, part comes out of reward chest


Lighting Staff: Purple lighting staff.png


lighting record.png


  • On ox cart just outside of Jug/generator 4 area toward excavation site
  • On table next to Der Wunderfizz machine by jugg
  • in underground passage toward Crazy Place near Jugg

Staff Parts:

  • Jump off tank to wooden Deck just before trenches by generator 2, part is at end of trail
  • After tank station, jump off tank left side toward deck near excavation site, trail leads toward part in the middle site
  • near end of tank trail, jump off, acquire part in back of church


Ice Staff: Blue ice staff.png


ice record.png


In various places around the tank station

  • one to right of mystery box
  • one just to right of entrance on generator 2 side 
  • on on shelf just before Tank dock exit


Staff Parts:

  • Must be dug up while it is snowing. ?They can all be dug up in the same round, no limit.
  • It usually starts snowing around about round 3 & 9, we suggest as a team, that you'll have already decided on who has which staff & that when it does snow. That no one digs up other than the person obtaining the ice staff, so that parts can be obtained and other players help to open places that may be required to dig for parts.

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