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  1. Hells Redeemer

    To get everybody a redeemer just go to the bridge as early as possible to make it easier. I like round 10 . Now just have everyone use the axe until the start of round 14. DO NOT SHOOT. That is important. It will screw up getting the redeemer. Keep in mind that shooting only effects the player doing the shooting, nobody else. Also, throwing your redeemer into the pit with everybody simultaneously is a good idea but unnecessary. As soon as you get back on round 14 just go lob it in the pit. I've even used it for half a round then threw it in while back at the prison. If you go down before you can claim the redeemer, just throw your red one back in ASAP.
  2. Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    So the sound we hear at 15 is the sound of us not being able to retain perma jug after a down, not necessarily meaning it just vanishes. Therefore pointless for me during pub matches that usually only last until 30, but beneficial to solo where you can justify the 2+ downs getting perma jug where you'll get a lot more kills. Thus, keeping your k/d at a reasonable level.
  3. Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    One thing I would check is in a public match. I'm not sure it would differ at all. Also, do you lose permanent jug prior to round 15 if you go down? I only obtained perma jug once but didn't see the point in it if I lost it every game.