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  1. Were We Wrong?

    We all.... no?! Where.... be da!? Learn to spell... But lets get to the point... a rocket never hit nuketown, nuketown is located next to Sedan crater in Area 51 in U.S.A Sedan crater is know as the largest man made crater in the Northen America, possibly even the whole world. And no rocket hit nuketown it would be completely gone, just its small meteors hitting it. Also with green run, if a rocket hit it it would be completly gone... Its just small meteors slowly destroying the place. So you are completely wrong with that. And also i did not understand what are you trying to say at all Just tried to tell you that.
  2. Am I missing something about Semtex?

    Semtex is better then ray gun if you use it with insta kill Its freakin' awesome just for 250$ You can get 10 zombies bunched together in 1 semtex throw if you have insta kill! Not saying its easy to get insta kill but i usually get it 1 to 5 times in 20 rounds. Insta kill for the win!
  3. Were We Wrong?

    1 word: Timetravel. But really NavCard easter egg was never discovered, who knows where it could lead to, don't quote me on this, but green run could be happening in China, or with time travel they could of teleported to china to some reason...