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  1. Why The Crew is in China

    Possible trichotomous system involving Paris, Hanford and Shanghai. The north pole is highlighted in pink in somewhat the middle. Right click the image and open it in a new tab.
  2. New map is in Japan

    By far the most convincing piece of evidence yet.
  3. Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    Try the ports, starting at the bank, i suggest thats the 12:00 pos, if we'd have to go back in time, we'd have to go backwards to bus depot, look at the clock there, and configure it according to that one, then proceed with the other clocks. Question what makes you say 12:00 is town and not bus depot? I would say whatever north is would be 12:00 and if you look at the tunnel it runs north south.... just my opinion