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  1. Are Traps Bad?

    I'm very happy with having them in the map. You can just run the whole map if you want to. I love watching zombies getting sawed in half an Gibs flying everyfuckingwhere.... I like this map man. It's not empty and boring with shitty box weapons anymore like the 1st DLC. A few weeks later and I still love this badass map.
  2. MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    Man when you feed the dogs and get the tomohawk is just bad ass. They gave me everything I was asking for. A more cooperative rewarding map and traps and shit to do. Haven't died from a glitch yet either=priceless
  3. Worst place to get caught is near the docks where you pick up the plane piece and have to use the wardens key and then afterlife hock the door open. Make sure you have two people lol! Not fun!
  4. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    33 with 4 guys. I wish there were a bit wider training spots, that's my only complaint about this map so far. It gets very tight with the new AI style these zombies are coming at us with. I got used to black ops 1 over the past month of playing it and it screwed me up at first. Love this map though! They brought back traps and actually reward you for playing cooperatively which the last two maps didnt do. I'm very happy. Oh yeah one more thing... I haven't died from a glitch yet! *fingers crossed* good job treyarch!
  5. MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    Egg man, there's a power switch near the mp5. Enter afterlife and look for the narrow pathway in the way near it and keep jumping up and forward
  6. MOTD finds (non EE) - (perma) perks/buildables

    I bought phd in grief mode. To my disappointment there is no more explosion when diving. Only no fall/splash damage. Has anyone seen jugg in grief? I wonder if we get all perks in map obtainable or not when completing the quest. I can't wait to see :)
  7. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    It just sucks man. I'm 31 years old and I work hard. I don't really play many other games other than the cod series. I pay good money for this stuff and pay all of my own bills. It would be nice to be able to enjoy a game that isn't broken after work. It's just frustrating. They are shunning their customers.
  8. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    I'm so fucking pissed off at this fucking game. Again I try to play a game of die rise after work and again I get to round 24 on solo. Oh but what's this? I fall through the floor halfway down the slide to the upside down box? Wtf man, I don't even have fun playing this game anymore. Here's to hoping the next map isn't broken. Seriously fuck this broken ass map.
  9. Grief on Die Rise - Tutorial & Challenge !

    Can't see the video, on iPhone. Can someone reply with the text link please? Sounds awesome
  10. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    It's just randomly happens. I've tried everything and going down it facing all directions and when I think I've figured it out and it doesn't happen finally a few times its just a matter of time and it happens yet again
  11. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    Definitely didnt fix it. Also they didnt fix the glitch where retards crouch behind the pole in the Buddha room
  12. I cannot believe.....CANNOT believe they didnt fix this with the recent update viewtopic.php?f=100&t=29127 It happened to me AGAIN, this morning after I had gotten set up and was on my way to my spot I like to play in. This is a very serious flaw in this map that they need to address. So am I supposed not be able to use the provided play areas and stay in certain areas because of this? The map is BROKEN. I'm astonished... I truly am. After reading all of the communities disappointments with treyarch should I really be upset though? Wow... Sorry for the rant guys, I'm just shocked, I really am.
  13. Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    I found the patch notes, they fixed alot of the glitches in die rise and as well as tranzit. I created a topic in general zombies discussions. Link is below viewtopic.php?f=100&t=29127
  14. Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    Anyone have patch notes ???
  15. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    I didn't think they had persistent perks ? I'm pretty sure I didn't have my permajugg ? And I got lots of headshots without any green smoke?