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    The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    Just watched cutscene ingame. Now i know why zelinske quit and gave up his rights to the zombie story. I wouldent want my name acossiated with this heaping pile of shit ither. Smh. I feel like walking to Sacramento and showin bundell how i feel with my fists so he can share the same pain we do.

    What makes the "Revelations" easter egg so tough?

    Also just to note. All prior EEs a youtuber was invited to the studio and allowed to play the map for 2 hours before release. Giving them a headstart and a push in the right direction. Also considering this will be the last ee from tryarch for quite sometime im happy its complicated and well hidden.

    Hats / Masks Mega Guide

    Round 18 4player. Good guide. Just a few things to note. Its 5 keepers and headshots are not required. One shot kills are required for furries, spiders, and keepers. U can use video if u wish.
  4. Hey guys, been a long time eh? haha well here we are again hunting EE's together. I have some great news for you guys! I finaly got around to putting my brain to work and with a few friends we have defently found some intresting information. Please bear with me with my horrable grammar and spelling. Video: Ok on to the goodies. 4 Player game. All 4 players have completed all easter eggs prior to start. Round 1. In start room. 1 player point whored all but one zombie. ALL 4 players then stood by power generator thingy. one activates. and all 4 players are rewarded with $$$$$. (also noted as we where killing furries the generator, or something, was collecting souls) Opened origins door 1. Opended origins door 2. Opended origins door 3 to access MOTD area n generator. once again all 4 players stood next to generator and one activated it. killed more furries and keepers (also once again something was collecting souls) and all 4 players where rewarded with $$$$$. Opened mule kick door and took jump pad over to verruckt. Opened verruckt door to generator. Once again all 4 players sttod next to generator and one activated it. and once again killed more furries and keepers(again something was collecting souls) to complete and where rewared with $$$$$. All 4 took telyporter to natch then tellyporter to spawn. Opened shang jump pad door for 750. opended shang door for 1000. and opend DE door for 1250. Once again all 4 players stood on generator area and activated it. once again killing furries and keepers(again something was collecting their souls) and finaly finishing awarding all 4 players $$$$. Took telyporter to natch. Opended 750 door. Built shield. Trapped Apothican giant flying thing. Entered PAP. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STILL ROUND 1. Ok so after all that we are in PAP on round one. shoot it out the stomach ofc! lol. Then we are just looking around for stuff to find or see. One distinct thing we noticed is 4 pedistills where it appears you would place a gate worm or of such in the green water acid area. Also coming out of each of these pedistills was a tube. and comming off the tube was a blue electrical light of sorts. Now the biggest part of our round 1 discovery. In corralation with time passed ingame. Margwars spawned on round 1 inside the apothican. ON ROUND 1 we killed 4 magwars(one of each type 2 void spawned) 2 panzers, and an unknown number for flying bugs and spiders. After a certian time of 5 or 10 minutes a margwar/panzer/spiders would spawn inside the apothican. I also completed my challange of survive 15 minutes inside the apothican on round one. Also due note. the sounds you hear for killing the correct number of enimies in the green mist also activated for the aka god helment. And in reference to the tasks required for the god helment we where able to complete the margwar task, panzer task, bug task, and spider tasks. ALL ON ROUND 1!!!!!. unfortunaly 2 of our players had to leave before we where able to spend anymore time their to see if edventually furies and keepers would spawn in as well to complete their tasks for the God Helment. Also note we where not trying to get the god helment. We just figured since a margwar could spawn in on round 1 then it was officaly timed based. and sure enough every 5 to 10 minutes one of the bosses for for sure spawn in the apothican belly. So all of this that you can complete on round 1 leads us to believe that you can complete a vast majorty of the god helments tasks all on round one and in addition the Easter Eggs steps as well. The reason i say easter egg steps as well is because yes we have one zombie left, but the bugs keep spawing in on round 1 indefently allowing you to collect an unlimited amount of points on round 1. which leads me to belive can be used for summoning the gatekeeper protecter and or the turrets. Also with the gatekeeper protector one person does NOT need to spend 5k to summon him. Players can each contribute their amount of points to the gatekeeper protector to summon him. aka richtofen can offer his sum of 2k points. tank can off 1k. taeko can offer 1k and then dempsy can offer the final 1k. Keep note it will take as much as you have. YOU CAN NOT ENTER A SPECIFIC AMOUNT. Also we managed to grab the chaulk and built the tommy gun on the wall to make the weapon swap table aviable. pointless atm but its doable round 1. I hope this helps the community out a ton in figureing out the easter egg steps found today. I hope this is a game mechanic and not bug abuse to be honest. on round one even after opening the PAP we all managed to rack up almost 10k points each just by killing bugs that keept spawing in. Also to note this one last thing. we had our richtofen player pick up the spark/wisp in spawn and bring it to the PAP area. sadly he got hit by a bug that spawned. but it dident seem to activate anything. We where wonding if the spark got close to the blue lighting things maby it would trigger something. but no no avil. Anyway i hope this information helps the community a ton and possable makes figure out these early easter egg steps eariler, faster, and less pain full. And who know what else can be done on round 1? once again sorry for the grammer errors such. If you have any questions or would like me to record a video of all of this being done feel free to ask and ill record and upload one tommorow to add to the post. Sith out, ggs

    Who got the Juggernog Edition??

    Duh! Must have to keep my perkacolas cold

    Why PS4 getting DLC first is a Good Thing ( Edited )

    Too much to quote. Interesting disscussion. Kinda funny u guys just dont know. They link many sources of information together to see results. Think about all the personal information u give psn and xbox live. What do u think they legaly do with it all? Also i used to xbox. Then i woke up and relized playstation is way more common world wide. Remember soney jas had a foothold in this market for a lomg time. This is a new avenue for microsoft AND they are tryimg to be unique. All hardcore gamers are pc orgionals imo. And we all know the sole purpose for a playstation. Its solid. Sure they have problems. Life right?



    Why PS4 getting DLC first is a Good Thing ( Edited )

    Gives me a chance to show all them xbox fan boys where the real skill is at. Prepar to get slayed! forza better then gt? Roflmfao U do know gt is the offical sim for any pro racer right? Steering wheel ftw

    Shadow Man - Shadow Portrait In Kino?

    Nolan North. He did Brutus, Richtofen and also "..." which is the voice in die rise. soumds like hes the right vvoice of evil. Hmmmmm.....

    Shadow Man - Shadow Portrait In Kino?

    Anyway we can fimd out who the voice acter was for the announcer in MOTD?


    its a world rreviel. They gotta censor

    Zombies Chalkboard from the Contest Video

    Mark 3?
  13. Their is way more to the vid. They always forget to record the important parts huh?


    to be honest. This i what has me worried the most. Assuming we have loadout customizable via the progression system who knows what options we will have or unlocks to earn. I realy hope this is not tooo new.

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