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  1. 83457

    How is this map anyhow?

    In my opinion, BO3 Giant is more fun than the original Der Riese, and i loved the original (I was playing it recently). I feel the BO1 version was meh, at best. A fifth perk, plus the randomization of the perks, adds a little fun, but really it is the map play, gun choices, and the Alternate Ammo that raise The Giant's value. By map play, i mean that the players are basically smaller than in WaW (play Giant, then Der Reise right after, you'll see what i mean), giving more room to get around the zombies. Also, there are more solo options because of this and the change in zombie pathing. Zombie pathing: Solo, if you start a round in Mainframe, you can camp by the RK5 and just stand there (it gets rough by round 40). No zombies come over the fence behind you as long as you started in MF and didn't go up the steps by the 750 door. Best with the 750 steps-door open, and the ramp-door closed. Thompson Room (VMP Room): Keep door with trap closed here, open from the steps. Come down the steps, turn right, walk 10 feet, turn and face VMP wallbuy (where Thompson was), headshot. The zombies from the right window come from the VMP side of the barrels, unlike WaW. Go to TPC, stand by KN-44 (STG spot), headshot to around 30. Catwalk is even easier than WaW. Running TPC or Power areas are easier. The biggest letdown is that Trip Mines are turds compared to Bouncing Betties, but note that you can hold a TM in your hand for fast Bowie Knife stabbing. Sadly, like the bad bo1 bk, it only lasts for 9 rounds in BO3, unlike the 11-12 rounds in WaW. It's worth the $6, IMO.
  2. Thanks for the pic. I don't think that's a clock, just the round frags of the recent cods. Score is actual $, not points. Maybe you buy tickets for rides or something similar. Ghosts was a decent game that nobody bought, yet everyone hates, ha. So i fear what drastic (crappy) superficial elements will be added to 'improve' this game, based on the fail sales of ghosts. Between aw's flea suits, and the cartoony bo3, i can't see cod becoming a real game again. So, i guess they really need to nail the side games now.
  3. 83457

    The alternative to camping the Catwalk

    Is this different on next gen? (Last gen) What i find is that, if I start the round in the start room, no zombies come over the fence (after round 10) at all. Tested to round 39. If i am anywhere outside of the start room, zombies come over the fence, but stop once I've stayed in start for a bit.
  4. 83457

    The buff and non-buff (last gen)

    I'm last-gennning it still. The WW works fine, but if you also have dead wire on your other gun, dw only kills 1 zombie and zaps a few, which survive. Or possibly dw is just randomly broken and it may not be ww related. Sometimes dw is great, but often it kills only 3-4 zombies per trigger out of a crowd. The ww itself is a little slow in triggering, as it won't save you if trapped as it did in waw. However, it takes out a decent batch, it is just hard to see the effectiveness sometimes, but with the right view, you will see the work it does: camp the catwalk and fire at zombies by power and watch the train vanish. Blast furnace was great, then didn't work as well, and now serms to work great again for the past couple months. It lags some mp games, but great for solo.
  5. 83457

    What is the Worst Glitch?

    360 BO3 DE if i use the Death machine past round 42, the game ends in a black screen and i get the "failed to allocate from state pool" message. SoE: puiled off of Tram into death barrier is now common. Jump off of Ruby Rabbit into death barrier that shouldn't be there is annoying. Zombies couldn't find you (patched?). All time worst? BO1: the whole game was a stinky piece of programming failure. Bowie knife stabs quite often do no damage. Zombies spawn underfoot, lift you in the air and you can't shoot them, because you can't aim that low, so you get downed. Constant reload fails. Teleporting cosmonaut (this was the worst). Speed moonwalking cosmonaut. Hacker text stops working everytime your friend downs. Too many to name, glitches in BO1 are as ubiquitous as atoms are in the universe. ------ BO1constant Bowie Knife glitches and teleporting cosmonaut really sucked.
  6. Wait, SoE has no replay value now? I can't agree with that. That's Spike talk, the Timmy and Johnny player types enjoy SoE. It's the default map of the game and always has more players than the other maps for that reason alone. I understand your perspective, but disagree. Take Kino Der Toten, I'd say it is a bore fest, bland and meh, with the annoying Nova crawlers. But to many, it is a first map, great nostalgia, and fond memories. Being a default map, it will generate that many more fans, memories, and nostalgia. They will deem it a great map. In my opinion, it has little replay value, but i bet many would equally disagree with my opinion of that, compared to your opinion on SoE. I'd take SoE over Kino always. (Shrug). ------- We've been told that the AS can't be upgraded...in SoE. So, either; 1. Can't be upgraded at all. The strange Blundell wording ("...in SoE") was to reduce the backlash of putting it in SoE, then removing it and pretending that it was a glitch that their playtesters didn't find, which no sane person could possibly believe. "Treyarch shit the bed, again" scenario. 2. It will be upgraded in another map, it will not be upgraded in SoE, but presumably next dlc. Treyarch knowingly left 'the fake glitch' in to preview what would be, and then took it away from SoE. The "Foreshadowing" scenario. 3. It is upgraded...in another map, through some actions, but possibly (only?) playable in SoE. The "appease the angry mob with dlc" scenario. End with a bang. If this is the case, hopefully they will then fix the upgrade on last gen, which may not get more content at all. That's the possibilties that I see.
  7. Buried, i always hit the bank at start. Die Rise, i never ever use it. Tranzit, i played recently and forgot about the bank. It is almost necessary in Tranzit to hit the bank to allieviate that maps boring set up marathon, but i always forget it's there now. My fridge was always stocked, but i never used the gun in there.
  8. 83457

    New BUT.... Some How Old

    I think the solution would be a mix: First map and dlc 2 (or last dlc maybe) could be epic, with crazy builadables, easter eggs, and the lot. Think Origins, SoE, with story like Moon, Origins, et cetera. Dlc 1 and 3 could be 1-2 survival maps: no bizarre busywork or complex easter eggs. WW in box, grab guns perks, and play. Mostly zombies, no annoying creatures. Like SNN, Der Riese, maybe Kino without the 'Jews', maps like that. I've also heard this view many times before. --------------- Honestly, try DE, leave a basic Wrath of the Ancients in the Tomb room (for emergency 'no ammo' sitch, and it shuts the dragon heads up), then play either with alternate ammo for an SoE feel, or play without alternate ammo and DE feels like Der Riese mark 2, and there is no busywork. I often play mini WaW-esque games by breaking up SoE also (see Moar Zombie Maps Inside!).
  9. 83457

    The KN-44 theory

    Just a heads-up: 360 gets the KN-44 or a whitish rock under the Demon Bow Urn. As the Urn raises, there will will be a yellowish rock, or a KN-44 down there. I assume the rocket one also occurs, but can't confirm. My thoughts, in order of likelyhood: 1. Glitch (this is cod, and a Treyarch cod, so highly likely). 2. Pointless easter egg hunt. 3. Purposeful interactable easter egg. I hope for 3, but assume 1. Presumably, folk have tried shooting it with a KN-44, or PaP version?
  10. 83457

    Moon 2.0 ?

    I'm no story guy, and even my curiosity is piqued with BO3. I literally watch the intro to Giant completely, almost every solo game. Let me indulge my belief that they are trying to stop Moon from ever occuring. Mmmmmm. Ahhhh. It feels so right to me. Ha.
  11. 83457

    Moon 2.0 ?

    Obligatory "any map but Moon" [BO1's most ubiquitous line from lobbies]. As i understand it, the community hates Moon so much that even the characters in the game are trying to stop the events that led us there. It's like Treyarch's apologizing for BO1's existence. It brings a tear of joy to my eye. I really appreciate shit like that. That picture has been all over kindergarten (aka Undeadit, reddit), but don't be scared, it's just a troll pic. :)
  12. 83457

    Treyarch: Please heal traps.

    I'm honestly not sure about DE or Giant, the few times that i used traps on either, it was in 20s-30s range in MP to cover me as i revived a player. They may be fine and i should not have mentioned DE without properly testing the traps there. I just assumed the issue would be similar. My mistake, sorry. But in SoE, they are crap. I used them occasionally when they lasted through 42, but now the zombies ignore the trap completely at that level (I'm sure it does some damage). I'm not sure what round they work to now. In-game a few days ago, an xbl friend said they are useless at round 25 when they last checked, but i haven't personally verified that.
  13. Traps need some loving healing. BO3 has been fun and it seems that you want us to be happy this time around, so I'm hoping to bend your ear. ---------- Civil Protector: I understand why this was nerfed; this guy was beast. I ran around him with an unpap'd L-CAR-9 to round 55 with ease; no perks, no pap. He still revives, but sucks as a trap now, which is acceptable. Heal this please: zombies walk into him and run in place, CP rests his gun on their head, and not being able to lower it, he can't fire. It's very sad. Give him a helping hand with this. ---------- Chain Traps: Traps in old school zombies were the last resorts of the map. In SoE, having the traps stop killing at round 42 made no sense since we can get further than that with alternate ammo easily. Now, traps on 42 are a joke, they don't kill at all. No players use them and they get zero respect. Heck, they kill more players than zombies from what I've seen. Once nothing else works well, traps should be a last resort, 'buy a crappy wall gun, make points, use trap' should be viable until like 100. Most players will die trying to navigate around the horde to keep running them through traps, so it's not like everyone will suddenly get to 100, or anywhere close. But, we will have a fun option besides 'Apothicon Servant + Alchemical Antithesis', which only works for one player anyway, or the option of 'running circles with alternate ammo until dead of boredom'. Traps will add an actually exciting late game strategy for all players, that isn't too easy. That sounds better than them basically being wall festoons that nobody uses. As is, if you put a useless light show in their place, i would pull it more frequently than these pointless traps. I don't mean to be harsh, but that's an honest assessment that i feel most would agree with. ---------- For the record, i posted 'more zombie maps inside!' and actually try to play with traps and use every feature of the map, so i definitely am one to judge them accurately and fairly. We are all missing out on a goldmine of fun if you just boost these traps to a viable level (by SoE power level standards). Thanks for reading, and happy gaming! -83457
  14. 83457

    Treyarch: Please heal traps.

    Oxin8, I've done 12 prestiges out of 10 (stupid glitch), I have over 30 days playtime on BO3. Traps were almost pointless when they lasted only through 42. They needed a huge buff, but got a huge nerf. So it's not you, it's the traps. :) Again, I'll state that i play without PaP or even perks sometimes for a WaW NDU/ZV feel, and the trapss aren't even much good at that at their current (lack of) power level. Traps need to last past the average of a map. Like most folk in WaW Der Riese couldn't get past 35-40 (I know some of you are beastier than that), and the traps lasted past that point. In SoE, i feel many solo players are doing 50+ in one life on a good game, and many more will hit that level in BO3's time. With alternate ammo, AS, Upgraded Sword, the traps need to also have a higher power level to keep them in the game. If SoE was a max round 20 game on average, then the traps could be good until 25-30, but with SoE being a marathon map, it should have marathon traps, for the long game. DE is quite easy also, maybe those traps could get a boost too. [Edit: Ignore this last sentence, I typed without verifying any DE trap issues, which probably don't exist on DE at all. It was assumed].
  15. 83457

    Treyarch: Please heal traps.

    Agreed on Apothicon sword. But one usually gets it upgraded fast enough. Once upgraded, the autonomous sword is amazing, i don't know when it stops being useful, but it instakills through the low 70+'s for sure. But if I swing the actual in-hand sword it is unpredictable and it takes like 3-5 second to register that you hit a Margwa head. Give it instant damage, not delayed damage. You stab a margwa, he downs you, then his head explodes. That's simply bad synchronization. Swing at a zombies on 50, 5 zombies go down, swing at the next crowd, it doesn't effect them. Why so unpredictable? And what's with the head counter?
  16. 83457

    Treyarch: Please heal traps.

    I'm not seeing what that would do for us. With the exception of maybe Subway>PaP trap, none of those are really spots where you would stay and headshot for more than a few seconds. Perhaps the occasional revive help. I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just not seeing it. I love the food for thought. Would it be like a safe zone while on? I still feel like you'd be stuck when it shut off. Edit: Oh, like trapping the last zombies so you could spam the ?Box or GG machine without killing them all with Turned/Fireworks/et cetera. That would get used for sure. Regardless, I doubt that a functionality change would occur, so I'm simply hoping for a buff for fun's sake.
  17. If this was Reddit, I think this would be called a shitpost. -------------- I hear what I hear, and this is a place for me to share what I hear. More to come, i just wanted to start somewhere. Some are funny, some are glitched, some have a story. ------------------------------ Tank, The Giant: "Get back in the Dirt-Devil, scum!". Why does Tank have a Dirt-Devil Vacuum in the mid 20th century, and why were there previously zombies in it, and why does he want them back in it? Forget the summoning key, fear the Dirt-Devil you zombie menace! ----- Rictophen, Der Eisendrache, regarding Instakill: "if i could just make it last a little bit longer". Since WaW, Instakill would end a few seconds before the Instakill icon left your screen. In WaW, it would stop working when the timer got to 1 (so for 2 full seconds [1 count and 0 count], it didn't work when it should have). In BO3, it is fairly well synched finally, but still fades at the end, so you can get 2 stabs in while the icon is on the screen still, and have instakill not work. Why Instakill randomly doesn't work at all, especially when paired with Death Machine, is the new mystery of BO3. ----- Jackie F. Vincent, SoE: "You've got a lot of nerve-creep". Nerve-creep is a serious and painful skin condition that plagues the undead, where their nerves protrude from the skin, with itching and burning pain, causing them to feed upon the living due to their foul mood and restless nature. "Do you, or a zombie you love, suffer from Nerve-creep? Pharmaceutical studies show that Creepnot is the #1, doctor-recommended treatment for nerve-creep". ----- Jessica, SoE: "Keep your distance-creeps". Yes, keep them. Nobody wants your distance-creeps. ----- Nero, SoE: "Could you just not do that?". I say this to zombies when it glitches. This Nero saying was added to 360 in the same patch that made round 1 zombies hit you 3 times instantaneously, if you got within arm's reach. The first time that i heard this quote, i said it in tandem with Nero. It was quite the humorous moment for me. ----- Here's an odd bit regarding The Giant's Tank and BK and Trip Mine (360 at least): Background info; Trip Mines, upgraded in SoE, are called Bouncing Betties when on the ground ("Hold x to pick up Bouncing Betties") unless this was recently patched. If you hold a Trip Mine in your hand as you stab, it has very quick reset time, making for the fastest stabs. So, using Tank on The Giant (360 at least), holding a Trip Mine, stabbing with Bowie Knife, Tank will call out one saying after another that mentions Betty, despite the kills being made with the BK, and there being no Bouncing Betties in the Giant (unless I've missed the upgrade process). I don't recall this happening with other characters. ----- ...
  18. That's called a win-win. No Moon nor Tranzit. I feel all warm and fuzzy now.
  19. I'm not a story guy, but this is my take. Moon sucked. It sucked so bad that even the characters of the story are changing the timeline to stop the events that led to Moon being a map. As I see it, it was successful and we will never see a Moon reprint. ------ In general, BO3 has been my favorite (least annoying) zombies alongside of WaW. In WaW and BO3, it's players versus zombies. In BO1, it was players versus Treyarch trolls and glitches. BO2 was less annoying and glitchy than BO1, but we still were trolled unnecessarily.
  20. 83457

    The alternative to camping the Catwalk

    From Tattoo247's post (3); He mentioned a duo, but you can do it with more; I've found that if you have folk camping the catwalk, you can solo the power switch area. If you stay closer to the trap than the (main) power switch, all of the TPC zombies will go for the campers, and you can just face towards the bridge and basically camp with maybe a few circles here and there. Stay left side and most line up fairly well.
  21. 83457

    GobbleGum Talk

    They aren't kidding about Ultra-Rare anymore. Since April, I got 1 Perkaholic and 1 Killing time. I have never had Head Drama, not that I see much need for it, but I've gotten 28 Rare Undead Man Walking by comparison. 30 days played. 70 Mac Sammos.
  22. 83457

    GobbleGum Talk

    This thread is for discussion of GG efficacy and use. Please opine. Currently Classics, Megas, and DLC1 Megas listed. ----------- For all Clasic GG names and functions, you can go to zombies>local>GG, pick a pack, customize GG, then all Classic GG will be shown there if you don't already have them unlocked online. I've added/cluttered this first post with more information as i got more familiar with each. These are my opinions and thoughts, feel free to disagree. (GG Ratings removed because GG use and power can be subjective). I have not used every GG in every situation, so i may post stupid shit, so feel free to discuss dissenting opinions below. They are quite welcome as they help us all gain a better understanding. Be polite. ----- Colors scheme; Blue: Lasts stated X full rounds, plus remainder of current round. Buy as round ends for the most time. It won't diminish until the end of the next round, if timed right. Purple: User activated (push up on D-pad to activate). May have multiple uses. Can be purchased anytime, but if used with Blues/Greens, hit the GGm at rounds end. (#x denotes # of activations per GG). Green: Timed. Best just after round begins, but if mixed with Blue GG, buy GGs as Blue (above). Gold: Special (normally 1) use GG, usually triggered by game action. ------- >Classic GobbleGum: [The top 4 Solo GG in my opinion are Alchemical Antithesis, In Plain Sight, Arsenal Accelerator, Anywhere But Here!. After that, it's dependant on current game. In the long run, you'll just be spamming the GGm for Alchemical Antithesis. Danger Closest (SoE), Armamental Accomplishment (camp), Always Done Swiftly (camp), Stock Option (camp), and Sword Flay (Bowie Knife boost), are your best fifth Solo Classic GG options]. Always Done Swiftly (Blue-3 Rounds) Raise and lower your weapon more quickly, Walk faster while aiming: Does what it says, is okay, not necessary. Getting 3+ rounds of raising your LMG faster to shoot, if camping or running a tight area, isn't bad. It falls below the level that i want from a gum, so rarely gets played by me, but has some value as a fifth classic. Arm's Grace (Gold) Respawn with previous guns: If you bled out, the game is usually over. If your group routinely let's people bleed out, this will have higher value to you. In SoE, it is so easy to rescue folk with beast, or by shortcut, that this is not very valuable in my opinion. Coagulant (Green-20 minutes) Much longer bleed out time: Good for larger maps, or frequently downed players; the more you go down, the less folk rush to get you, so this may help. In Plain Sight (Purple-2x) Ignored by zombies for 10 seconds, vision blurred: Gets things done safely in a pinch. Get Perk after a down, revive player, sneak past crowd. Very useful. Stock Option (Green-3 minutes): Sadly, it is timed and starts immediately, but no reloads is a really good thing for camping. Decent fifth classic. Impatient (Gold) Respawn near end of round: This is great, IF bleeding out is something that tends to happen to you. If not, then skip it. This is an ability that players would love to always have. If it suits you and/or the map, this is decent. Time at end of round to get Perks, et cetera. Sword Flay (Green-2.5 minutes) 5x melee damage: This will affect your regular and Bowie knives, should combo with the added (regular) knife damage of Widow's Wine Perk. Should affect shield. Decent fifth classic, not great. Anywhere But Here (Purple-2x) Teleport to random location: Does it's job as stated. May put you where you want to go, may move you 10 feet, but the shockwave can save you. Good for escaping an area without paying, escaping danger, or closing large distance to downed player. Danger Closest (Blue-3 rounds) Zero explosive damage: Zero meatball and birdshit damage if not used with Widow's Wine (?). Safe use of Meat Wagon (upgraded start pistol). Decent 5th classic in SoE. Armamental Accomplishment (Blue-3 rounds) Weapon swap faster, faster reload, melee recovery, and item use: Fast hands, stab recovery, and slightly faster reload for 3+ rounds is about as good as classic gets. If you camp or frequently use the WW, you will see the value in fast weapon switch. Decent fifth classic. Firing On All Cylinders (Blue-3 rounds) Fire while sprinting: Not a thing that is needed in normal gameplay at all. Interesting but...? Arsenal Accelerator (Green-10 minutes) Special Weapon recharges faster: The autonomous sword is amazing to have, Ragnarok too. Headshots, Apothicon Servant, and Alternate Ammo types work best for fast recharge. Bows don't work well with this currently. Lucky Crit (Blue-1 round) Improves chance of Alternate Ammo occurring: Actual purpose unknown? I tested this again(!) last night (I've run Turned and Blast Furnace tests, since that is what is used), and before i had it, I would always have a Turned zombie or 2 constantly. Then i got Lucky Crit, so i resumed camping and headshotting and I occasionally got 1 Turned zombie, then he would die and I would eventually get another Turned zombie. So using Lucky Crit so far has had 'no effect' to 'reduced effect' of getting AA effects. Apparently LC is just a Treyarch troll GG. Do not use! [Update]: While playing The Giant, using LC with Thunder Wall, there were these little LC icons popping up every other time that TW triggered, so maybe it's been glitched and is fixed, or maybe it just doesn't work in SoE. I'm still testing... Now You See Me (Purple-2x) All zombies chase you only: For MP games only. Pull zombies away from a reviving player, or to you for Egg/Bow filling, or troll players by having their train run away for 10 seconds, then back. Can accidentally do more harm than good, but possibly helpful. Alchemical Antithesis (Purple-2x) Every 10 points instead earns 1 point of ammo in current weapon stock: Ammo is much better than points as the game goes on. One of the best GG overall, not just best classic. ++++++++++++++++++ >Mega GobbleGum: 1 GobbleGum is consumed per GG taken from machine. Make more with earned Liquid Divinium at Dr. Monty's Factory. Aftertaste (Blue-3 rounds) Keep all perks after being downed: If you need it in those 3 rounds, it is great. Most of mine simply time out and so i find the value less than initially expected. Try to take it near your highest rounds, or when you expect trouble. Burned out (Gold-2 hits) When hit, nearby zombies incinerate: This is really not a great GG to use. [DLC1] Crawl Space (Purple-5x) Nearby zombies become crawlers: Make last few zombies into crawlers to get things done while someone babysits. Not much value. Looks funny as it happens. Dead Of Nuclear Winter (Purple-2x) Spawn Nuke power up: Holding this for emergencies is a fine idea. Revive players, or regain control of a camp area, or buy a little time to fight Margwa/Panzer. Ephemeral enhancement (Purple-2x) PaP weapon in hand for 60 seconds: would have made a fun Classic, but absolutely failed at Mega status. [DLC1] Fatal Contraption (Purple-2x) Spawn Death Machine power up: Good for camping (under round 42) or taking out boss zombies. I'm Feeling Lucky (Purple-2x) Spawn random power up: Can get you a random Perk Bottle power up as well as other power ups. Perk Bottle will give extra perk slot if applicable. Immolation Liquidation (Purple-3x) Spawn Fire Sale power up: 10 point guns/GG for the team at a time of your choosing is fantastic and there are 3 uses! Get those Monkeys/Arnies without moving the ?Box. Give teammates time to get to a ?Box before activating. Licensed Contractor (Purple-3x) Spawn Carpenter power up: Basically, it is 600 points for 500 points (1200 points during x2). Some minimal window-blocking value in Giant or DE, pointless in SoE. Phoenix Up (Purple-1x) Revives all teammates, they keep their perks: Great team player GG. Will not bring back dead players if you get PU from the GGm after they die. Pop Shocks (Gold-5 stabs) Melee attacks electrocute nearby zombies: Instakill for 5 Mawgra/Panzer if timed right, or could save you in a pinch. Respin Cycle (Purple-2x) Respin ?Box: Help keep the ?Box from moving or save 1400 points (box twice would be 1900 points, minus 500 for GG equals 1400 point savings). Low value GG. Unquenchable (Gold) Can buy another Perk, adds fifth+ perkslot: While not Perkaholic, it is worthy. Save Perkaholic for long solo games, use this for that extra perk or two. Combine with the Wunderfizz Perk machine, and mix with On The House to get all perks. Who's Keeping Score? (Purple-2x) Spawn x2 power up: X2 on command? Not bad, not outstanding. Good at the right time. >Rare Mega GGs; Cache Back (Purple-1x) Spawn Max Ammo power up: Great value in late game. And finally people will understand that cache rhymes with cash! Kill Joy (Purple-2x) Spawn Instakill power up: Instakill on command can be helpful, especially camping, or for revives. On The House (Purple-1x) Spawn Perk Bottle power up: This gives a random perk bottle to each player. It will give a 5th or more perk. Make sure teammates have 4 perks already before activation. [DLC1] Undead Man Walking (Green-4 minutes) All zombies reduced to shambling speed: Could give time to do rituals, or pick up players if you quick hit the GGm and get this, but since you can't control when it starts, it's subpar. Wall Power (Gold) Next wall-gun purchase is Pack-A-Punched (but no alternate ammo type): 500 point PaP can be nice, but isn't really necessary as PaP and points come soon enough, and it's only wall guns. Good for first learning the map. Ultra-Rare Mega GGs; [DLC1] Head Drama (Blue-remainder of current round) All damage dealt to zombies counts as headshot damage: One round. Ultra-Rare. For this crap? I guess it's for easy Margwa/Panzer kills. Killing Time (Purple-1x) Freeze zombies for 20 seconds, damaged zombies are destroyed when it ends: This isn't über awesome, but if used right, it can save games, players, or just give a moment when one is desperately needed. Caution: zombies are like walls when frozen, so be careful not to block a reviver from a revivee or trap yourself in a corner. Perkaholic (Gold) Immediately gives you all of the current map's perks: 500 points for all perks instantly? Priceless. Best for solo for extra Quick Revives. Solo, only take this after you have used your initial 3 Quick Revives. I'd suggest Unquenchable for most games instead if you need just another perk or two. ---------------------------------------- Happy Gobbling!
  23. 83457

    Bowie Knife

    I'm on 360, and it's a little different. Originally, I maxed it out immediately (like 10 levels?). Then it was changed and didn't level up anymore and was reset to level 1, no progress. On Nextgen, you could stab the air during Blast Furnace's effect to level it up, but that does not work on old gen (or at least not on 360).
  24. 83457

    The Giant Highest Round

    40 so far, but i just got it (360). I hit 31, I was 50th place on 360, next day I was at 250th. I hit 40, i was again at 50th place, next day I was at 250th. Random leaderboard mention : I'm 6th place for miles traveled (360). 6800+.
  25. 83457

    Simple Riddles

    What drops but is always up? These things; 1. A man with the initials MS. 2. Powdered Kavorkianaide, just add water. 3. Come in, elder golfish. 4. Letter-shifted foot attire. 5. Meat grinder. 6. Finger extended left, finger extended right. 7. Animated dead humor. 8. Glass Red Bull container? 9. Body fluid dough. I haven't posted silly things in a while... Enjoy!

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