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  1. ...and today's AW supply drop challenge doesn't work. This game is just endless glitches.

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    2. 83457


      Thanks. Oh well. I'm a pretty positive guy, I'll eke some fun out of it.

      Low profile says that you are invisible to tracking rounds, i am guessing that they mean tracking drones?

    3. 83457


      Also, LP seems to be glitched on 360: explosive drones won't follow the player either.

      tdm ends, next game is Hardpoint (again). I can't even keep track of the glitches...too many. Ha. Fu sledgehammer. :)

    4. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      Actuall re: the low profile, there is a weapon attachment for some guns called "tracking rounds" which if you hit a enemy with one of the bullets the enemy glows red for a brief amount of time

      and the explosive drones are just useless, i dont think its a glitch they it just needs a buff.

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