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  1. The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    my biggest complaint is that it was so hyped, so "full filling" hyped, the answers to every question we have had. Then you do the easter egg and your left with even more questions than answers. Been playing for 7 years and I have to say treyarch has dropped the ball HARD. Very unlike them too, its not just a trollarch thing its just they dropped the ball in the worst ways. especially after saying this map was being worked on before gorod grovi was even released makes you wonder, why all the update BS with the audios? like what were they working on that requires so much? this whole 2nd easter egg bs is stupid. It should not be that we have to wait for triggers to be put in place. my disappointment level is way to high
  2. Things I haven't seen talked about

    well you got my attention. whats up with them? and may i point out in the picture just a few things. 1. Monty with horns, Satan looking. wouldnt it be crazy if he was part apothican? Also the imagery in this picture. The symbole we havent seen. I am very curious to hear your thoughts on this

    I have to say, maybe there IS NO CUTSCENE, but maybe in game events happen instead? I mean look at buried. Richtofen takes over as announcer depending on what you choose and then that was it. So whos to say there is no cutscene and still have a super EE? just a thought
  4. The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    Heck to the yes, I am super disappointed, the fact that treyarch would do this sickens me. I am appalled I really am
  5. see i thought maxis at first too. but yea could be a zombie. i was thinking maybe theres more to this but i could be grasping at sticks since this is supposedly the end.
  6. So you all should have seen the directors cut, anyone notice who is in whos hands? Sam has someones action figure in her hand 0:43 mark. Just thought I would point that out, could mean something, if not its a cool little bit, also anyone notice the license plate on the truck in the front of the spawn spot? Mason's truck. kinda a funny throw back to the BO1 days.
  7. The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    beat it in an hour and a half on xboxone....super disappointed it took 2 minutes in the final boss fight. like what? the cutscene was awful. staffs didnt return LIKE BLUNDELL SAID THEY WOULD! however new files emerge with monty as the announcer. so super EE is coming? was not with the DLC4 for xbox and PC? wtf treyarch WTFFFF!!!! cutscene could have been better, story could have been better. complete trash and I have been playing for 7 years missed the first one. but come on! whole reason i bought BO3 was zombies. now im left disappointed. treyarch i think we need to see other people...i am disgusted
  8. Monty is the Devil.

    i dig this alot. I hope once DLC4 hype is over, treyarch comes clean on everything. I hate this guessing game as fun as it is i want to know what they intend it to be. Would be pretty interesting. However video game wise, i mean they have their own fan form page. How awesome of a following is that?
  9. Monty is the Devil.

    yes but this is a video game. I am comparing him to what we believe (if your a christian and believe in all that i do not push it down peoples throats) to be god. the almighty, the big bang maker, the one who started life, and the one who takes away life. the devil, the dark one, fallen angel, runs hell. thats my opinion and im sticking to it. I am not aruging further. i think monty is either A. the god of this universe (universies?) or the devil himself. either way monty and shadow man are definitly connected in some way. whether you want to call it like god or something else. I really dont care. however i look at them and think of the devil and god. sorry you dont like that they could have been both at one point. again its a thought. not apologizing
  10. Monty is the Devil.

    Definitely makes you wonder about the "2nd EE ending" if it exists. I am very curious about it because Monty seems to be a god like figure, who can make worlds. whether he is god or the devil or both will surprise me I suppose. but I am leaning now towards monty being the devil though he just doesnt seem like it. It doesnt make sense but it does. his style is very....intelligent to an extent. he can build worlds but at times its like he isnt able to see somethings. which is where his other half comes into play. (lucifer or god?) Its very interesting what treyarch has created. especially since it all started off as Nazi (enemies to the jewish ((another religion)) zombies. these 8 years have been great. I am super sad if its the end especially since this is the "last map". Even though they kind of walked away from the facts and fun little history easter eggs.
  11. Monty is the Devil.

    with that said so i dont cross a line or something, monty is A god, i am not going on saying he is god or devil cause as you said that is impossible, however it IS NOT impossible when it comes to treyarch. To be honest if i was a game maker I would have made monty god/devil. you got shadow man (possible devil and possibly a side of monty depending on how you view it) who is said to have been montys best friend. I think it could have happened. honestly I am a man of Christian religion and I dont care what treyarch did with their game, i didnt write it. However if you are that offended by my reply.....well im sorry you feel that way. I am posting my opinion. It is possible. But that as how I think of it. I was not speaking of any disrespect as this is a video game I did not create. For all you know in the universe of zombies he is not the beginning of anything as this is a fictional game not a non fictional game. so respectively I am going to post MY opinion. if you dont agree with it, well i didnt put a gun to your head and make you read it or reply to it. so please be RESPECTFUL of others and how they view a game that person did not create. unless you did work with treyarch and you care to post what you intended it to be as, as I see it, the devil has been brought up multiple times, lucifers name is in the game, cant have the devil without the good lord. please check your facts. that is all i am going to say on that. if you are religious god bless yall, if your not, well what you believe in is up to you. #americanfreedom
  12. Monty is the Devil.

    You must be new if you dont remember back in what 08 @AlphaSnake BIG devil post on the pack a punch mapping of guns. I very much enjoyed this thought and I must say all the nods to the bible, the devil, good vs evil, monty is either god or devil or both. but either way i want confirmation from treyarch he is definitely a deity though.
  13. Dr Monty and the weasle

    DUDEEEEE @MrDalekJD made a video somewhat connected to this! have you seen it? I mean I aint the only one thinking it now that we had the monty video
  14. I highly doubt theyll add any older weapons back in. I think that was just a one time. Mxgrand not a fan of it either. Slow fire rate, manual reload, just hate it, give me the grenade launcher on it and we can atleast call it decent. Galil and the commando would be nice but i highly doubt theyd do it again. Ray guns will never need to be built. That's ridiculous Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  15. The Frozen Forest

    According to the campaign the forrest is where you go when you die.....funny, everytime i die in zombies i go to a forrest......maybe its time to take some blood and wake from death? But maybe in a 1.0 form? Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app