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  1. Welp there goes my excitement....

    You know what sucks more than not getting a trailer before the DLC releases? Having to wait a goddamn month for the DLC to release on the PS3 while XBOX players find out all the little easter eggs so there's nothing left for you to discover. I know there's games like Battlefield 3 where PS3 users get DLC a week before PC and 360 players, but that's just one week, not a whole month. Fuck you, Microsoft. Fuck you, Activision. It's bullshit. I'm not going to buy a console for reasons such as this.
  2. New map is in Japan

    So Die Rise is derived from High Rise. Makes sense, but why would Treyarch use a map from Modern Warfare 2? As far as I know, Treyarch has never re-used a map made by Infinity Ward and vice versa. Why would they start doing it now?
  3. New Kino Art!

    The second image looks a lot like Kino der Toten. The style of it, at least. First one looks more like a 'modern' cinema room. I'm curious why they chose a theater again (if they chose a theater again), because we've already seen Kino. The only thing I can think of is a 'Kino 2025', which is a cool idea, but also kinda lazy when you think about it. Though I do like the old WW2/Cold War Zombie style a lot better than the new one. Let's just hope it'll be good.

    Then they would have to make an entire Tranzit mode map somewhere in Germany. Now that I think about it. They could fit Verrückt and Kino right next to each other (both in Berlin) and have a bus/train go to Der Riese (which is near Breslau). It would be cool to have a Tranzit mode map set in 1945 but I doubt it'll ever happen...

    Nacht der Untoten was nothing more than a building from a multiplayer map in World at War to begin with. When you think about it, there's really no continuity. You can't put Nacht der Untoten at a specific location or time. It has no place in the storyline. In 1945 there were US Marines fighting against Nazis. It's never explained how they got stuck in the building, and it's never explained who wrote "help" on the door. "Help" is a word used in many languages but not German, by the way. That would be "Hilfe". Then Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo and Tank arrive but it's never explained how they got there and why they're there. It's never explained why Mule kick was there either. Now all of a sudden it's in Tranzit. I think it's safe to assume it's just an easter egg and nothing more. You can't tie it in with the main storyline because of the inconsistencies.
  6. Random players are complete idiots 90% of the time. At least on PSN. They're either little kids who shouldn't be playing the game, or assholes. Both of them don't listen to what I'm saying and do the most stupid things you can imagine. They usually act like they know how to play the game (if they have a mic on) but they can't even handle the first dog round on Kino. They don't open doors and they don't revive anyone, but when they go down they either rage quit when they're on the ground (because it clearly wasn't their own fault they got trapped in a corner) or rage quit when they die (because it's clearly my fault for not reviving them). I stopped playing with randoms a long time ago because they always ruin it, even if I'm being a team player. I only play with friends. If I ever decide to play with randoms again I'll troll the shit out them because I just don't care anymore.
  7. Zombie Suggestions

    Something I would really like to see is the opposite of this. Why do zombies always have to be Nazis, or Russians, or Japanese? (I guess there were American Zombies at Area 51, but those were generic scientist zombies, which doesn't count in my opinion.) I mean, why would there be Nazi Zombies coming from the sea when it was the Americans who stormed the beach? Here's my idea. It might sound weird to citizens of the United States, but think about it: You're in the bunkers where the Nazis used to be, and there's US Army Zombies trying to capture Normandy once again. The heroes who died at Omaha Beach rise from their graves (as Zombies of course) and you fight them. In my opinion, the Americans don't always have to be the good guys. Do something else for a change. Even if it's just one Zombie Map. Please Treyarch, make it happen.
  8. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I like the VR11 but I don't use it because it's not the most useful weapon to have on Call of the Dead, especially when you're playing with someone who doesn't go down a lot. The VR11 on Call of the Dead, in my opinion, is kinda like the Matryoshka dolls on Ascension. I'd rather have something else - like Gersch Devices instead of the dolls and a Ray Gun/Scavenger/RPK instead of the VR11. The only reason I know you could make explosions with the VR11 is because there's a trophy for it on the PS3.
  9. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I want a weapon that's kinda like the upgraded crossbow / VR11, but different. It shoots something colorful, something that Sam would like to see (like the monkey bomb). I'm not sure what it would be, though. Instead of having to wait for it to hit the ground, zombies near it start chasing it when it flies through the air. When it hits the ground, the zombies realise it's not what they're looking for. Then they stand still and look around for a second to locate their next victim (the player that's the nearest to them). It seems like the projectile disappeared, but it didn't. After a few seconds it explodes. The explosion creates crawlers if the the projectile got stuck in the ground. If it got stuck in a wall or a zombie, it might kill a few zombies or rip off some limbs. By the time the explosion happens a few zombies have already started chasing the players again and if they're far enough away from the explosion, there's no impact on them. So you'll create crawlers but only a few if you're lucky. The upgraded version, ofcourse, attracts more zombies and makes a bigger explosion, but it takes longer for the projectiles to explode. Any downed players that get hit with the projectile or the explosion instantly get revived (Krauss Defibrillator style), but there's a risk of getting downed again pretty quickly because the Zombies chase the projectile when it flies through the air. I think this could turn out to be a realistic wonder weapon. It takes time to figure out the right time to use it, since it can cause trouble for other players or maybe even the user since it makes some crawlers that can get in the way and the zombies start going after players before the explosion happens.
  10. Zombie Suggestions

    I agree with you. I think Kino Der Toten is the best Zombie map of all, because of it's simplicity. Even though once you get to know the map it becomes really easy and predictable, which isn't fun, but the lay-out was perfect. It was a great map for noobs, to learn how to play the game. You turn on the power, get Juggernog, it was fun. The one map that really dissapointed me was Moon. I expected that map to be so much fun before I downloaded Rezurrection, but Treyarch made things too complicated. You can't even play that map with random people because they always suck, and even with friends it's still hard. Reasons: It's too hard to get Juggernog, you need everyone on the teleporter to teleport, and you need to stop the excavators with the hacker device while you can't breathe. It's just not simple enough. I know there's people who really like Moon so I'm not going to say Treyarch should stop making those kind of maps, because variety is a good thing. I'm also not saying I don't want a challenge. I just don't like the way Moon played. I didn't really like Shangri-La either. There's no "flow" like there is on Kino, Der Riese, and Call of the Dead. I just hope Treyarch doesn't ruin the basics of the game by making everything complicated like they did with Moon.