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  1. Origins Highest Round

    Finally dropped a nasty co-op game on origins with boombye. I downed like a mother though. Like 4-5 downs by round 17. Got a break until about 35 or 40 then got another 5-6 for a whopping 10 downs. We did 51. Top 1000 in the world at 756(boom) and 817. Aww yeee.
  2. Origins Highest Round

    3 hours. 2 downs. 50 rounds. 3 ultimate staffs. 2 airstrike grenades. 321,000 points. 1 golden shovel. 1 helmet. 4 bars of connection. solo. 4744 zombie kills. 1 Long strong mandingo in my ass from Microsoft by disconnecting me from live. Need I say anything more? Really? -.-
  3. How to "Chop" up Origins

    I'd assume a 70 in 2 hours would be pure spawn abuse by tank station with the ice staff/wind staff. If that alone can do 49-52 in under 10 minutes, no reason why doing it the whole game wouldn't net you a 2 hour 70. Gonna try this myself but due to only ever getting the wind staff after getting the helm, might take me longer.
  4. Origins Highest Round

    Some guys have all the luck huh, chopper. I'd be hard pressed to actually get a good long game in co-op for the leader boards. Boom says he's good for it and I guess skyline, so really only need 1 more and a good weekend. If not though I'll probably try to touch 80 solo. Break into the top 1k rank.
  5. Origins Highest Round

    Lol go for it bro, records are made to be broken . And yea definitely gonna try doing some co-op later on. I hate solo, just that can never get a full 4 man team to go for 50 with.
  6. Origins Highest Round

    Finally did 52 last night, Xbox live been disconnecting my ass every 5 seconds but fixed the problem. Anyway the downs.... 3 downs before round 15 (wanted to ragequit so bad...), downed on round 35, downed on 46, got to 52 from 49 doing the ice staff spawn abuse, idk wtf I was doing on 52 though. All I know was I was running around with an empty ice staff and got boned by 2 instant downs (thanks electric cherry -.-). so ended with 7 instead of 5 downs but whatever. Was 1565 rank in the world .
  7. Origins Highest Round

    Lol who knows, I'm just saiyan :!:
  8. Origins Highest Round

    Ok Anyway been to round 40, on my attempt to beat got anally raped by Xbox live disconnecting me on round 35. Gonna do a 60 some weekend, because I hate playing solo, but no one ever believes I'm good at zombies. Really wanna get good co-op round.
  9. How to "Chop" up Origins

    Yea it actually spawns 1 or 2 per wave from a workshop window so you'll see a few come up the steps after the initial insanely fast spawners. That's the leaving the spawn door to Gen 3 closed. And seriously, the 2 most reliable ones aren't infinite, awesome. Well it lasts till 50 which is good enough. I stop most of my solo games around 40-50. (anything higher is just for bragging rights).
  10. How to "Chop" up Origins

    Fire staff causes script errors. At least IT used to, I don't know if they fixed it or not. What are script errors? Glitches or something? I just recommend fire because when you fire a shot and you're cornered it seems to be the best staff for getting out, even if it doesn't kill zombies they stop hitting and you can run through them. It's actually a pretty lethal train there with that spawn door closed. Did 30 earlier but dam was it testy.
  11. How to "Chop" up Origins

    This guy gets it. Only thing I'd argue is the ice staff vs fire staff (does fire's charged shots have infinite dmg like wind and ice?), well who knows but fire by generator 3 pretty much easily gets you to round 50+. Also Gen 3 has much much faster spawning when you don't open the door that leads to it from spawn. Meaning go to it through the workshop. All the zombies spawn right there at 3. loop around like 2 or 3 times and fire a charge shot.
  12. Shovel Guide

    Damn, that's what I was afraid of. I always try getting gold shovel/helm first (I have a keep getting stepped on problem -.-). Then when its snowing no dig spots are out :-/
  13. Shovel Guide

    While you're at it think you can add time it takes for dig spots to respawn? Real pain in the ass when I'm trying to get ice staff while its snowing and I already dug everything. Or if they only respawn when rounds change.
  14. Origins Highest Round

    Do tell lemonade, I'm heading over to friends house and would like to beast a 35 or 40 solo. (bastard lost the shotguns rank I got for him already =.=)
  15. The Partially Cyclical Omnipotent Samantha Theory

    well ok not bad but I'll add this lastly. Has there ever been an instance where 115 just suddenly displaced time and space? All I can remember is it being used intentionally for a specific purpose but having other adverse effects. Check all the stuff. Gersch devices were for teleportation but adversely is a black hole for zombies. The teleporters overshoot the mark sometimes and send them to different locations (ex. CoTD). I just really need an explanation as to how she would have up and moved from the moon to agartha. Not only that but completely leaving richtofens body behind. Which means he could have used his body again. But didn't.